“Vegas Now (19) Branched aerial swing”

Hotel Circus Circus Acrobat Show. The most fun is the tricks of the aerial swing.

In the entertainment where each theme hotel in Las Vegas is free to watch out for free, a program for each day of the week is often planned.

Unfortunately, there was no air swing performance on the day I visited, but today is the day when the aerial swing will be shown.

We left the room bravely to go to the hotel circus circus by the scheduled time of the program.

Today, the pool in the morning was stopped, and I decided to go to the hotel circus circus anyway.

The time is before noon.

The security staff resident in the elevator hall on the first floor gave me off while waving.

In the morning before noon. Las Vegas in March, where the blue sky is expanding high, the sun is falling like a hot arrow, but the air is cold.

For example, is it an environment such as the eighth station of Mt. Fuji in the summer or the summit of Kilauea in Hawaii?

Today’s weather environment was like a cool plateau in summer.

And again, ultraviolet rays are quite high.

The temperature difference between the sun and the shade is quite large. And the air is Karakkara …

Walk north on Strip Strip.

I came to Caesar’s castle on a holiday in Las Vegas, which is not a holiday in Rome, but I’m actually worried.

I heard that the Buffel Restaurant here is luxuriously lined up in Las Vegas. Of course, the fee is the highest class, but the Buffel Restaurant of Hotel Paris, which I was expecting for dinner the other day, was closed and I was hungry, so to recover that regret, it is a high -end buffet. Is it okay to do it? I thought …

In front of Hotel Treasure Island.

A pirate ship on Treasure Island.

At the port, the treasure of pirate ships is landed.

Is there a treasure in the lion’s mouth? “”

In such a case, while playing for killing time, I walk and walk to the circus circus.

Even if you enter the hotel circus circus, the casino field will pass through.

… So I enter from the shopping mall side.

Mmm … What is this? “”

Stand in front of the green screen and take a photo of CG graphics.

This is a Hollywood -class spectacle.

Yes! The finished photo looks like this.

At night, I walked to Las Vegas Sign. (… is a lie. It’s a CG trick photo.)

The hotel circus circus also has an indoor amusement park. The size is that Korakuen Amusement Park in Tokyo is in the dome. Several kinds of rides were operating with the roller coaster alone.

There are various types of Carousel. In other words, it is a large amusement park that can be enjoyed by small children and adults.

Why is it an indoor amusement park in Las Vegas, which doesn’t rain? I think it’s strange, but I think it’s probably because there are many strong wind days.

Various rides are charged, but as an American amusement park, the boarding fare is quite low.

Nevertheless, the scale is too large for an indoor amusement park. You can enjoy Las Vegas enough even if you play in this amusement park without playing at a casino.

Hotel Circus Circus has many families with children.

I was quite interested in this roller coaster.

However, the purpose of visit this time was to watch the acrobat show. If you are playing in an amusement park, you will be late for the show.

We rushed to the amusement park and rushed to the show venue.

On the stage of the show venue, today is the day when the aerial swing is scheduled to be held, but as the undercard, a short comedy art is being shown.

It’s an easy -to -understand costume to see.

Chaplin -style Otoboke Action is a universal comedian that does not require words.

At this point, I was laughing and laughing.

However, when a floral star of the aerial swing appears, the inside of the hall is wrapped in heat and excitement with tension at once.

A gymnast -like handsome boy and a beauty full girl full of sexual senses.

Collect the gaze in the hall at a stretch, and two beautiful women dance.

Maybe the aerial swing was a R15 designation …?

Gyogyo! “Do those beautiful women also swing in the air? It’s not just dance performance.

… Does that mean that the gala is higher than a handsome boy without a dance?

Making money in Las Vegas doesn’t seem to be that easy.

The beautiful women who finished the dance also climbed the ladder following the handsome boy without a dance.

The audience is waiting for the drinks in addition to the tension of raw saliva gokuri.

Looking up, your mouth is angry …

In the area where the splendid Circular Screening resounds, the first is the aerial swing performance of beautiful women!

Ca! “Beauty is double loop with twin! !! !!

Return is a gorgeous front and rear legs!

Return to the base safely and land brilliantly!

Great! Wander! It’s not just the back! It’s a technique! “”

The first video is the introduction level acrobatics …

Enjoy the beauty flying Bertrek with the atmosphere of tension.

That’s amazing. It’s wonderful. If a woman ripens such a skill, how far can men do it?

Next is a handsome boy’s strange technique.

It came out! Two times return twice a twist!

Those who are getting away from work are gorgeous and cool, but the catcher is also difficult.

It’s a great impressive to see the super splendid acrobatts of harassment and throb, but it’s free, and it’s a very thick service that is free to take photos. 。

For the wonderful acrobat stars, the inside of the hall was a large storm of applause.

Hanagata stars performed the last flydiving, performing several kinds of tricks.

The appearance of getting off the defense net was completely top professional top stars.

Then enjoy it in the video. The last performance of the aerial swing is a successful catch with three times behind!

It is a technique in which Shinji Morishue succeeded to land for the first time in the world for the first time in the 카지노 Los Angeles Olympics in the 1984 gymnastics, which led to a gold medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, but the technique was carried out under the aerial swing. It is clear that it is more difficult to catch a blunt again in a separate work, and that it is more difficult to grab a blunt in a separate work.

Of course, I open my mouth and look stunned …

I give up. It is surrender. Great! After all, it was good to return!

If I left Las Vegas without watching this, I would definitely have been a regretful rain.

Silked Soleil is also great, but this is a free special entertainment, which shows this high technology. Las Vegas is scary …

PS, … maybe you want to see it again? e? You want to see it? “”

You want to go to the site and want to watch plenty in the video, right?

… Let’s do something! Please leave it to Fumi! let’s do it! “”

The return is a bit cloudy.

Only Trump Tower was gold, but it was quite floating, but there is money but there is no trick …?

People who go on the road have a cold protection specification.

Still, Las Vegas is very crowded and I can’t feel the character of Corona.

The splendid waterfall is flowing down …

Las Vegas is not missing where the photo shines.

I’m surprised at the big tiger, Omai Tiger! ! (?)

Every day is a zoo (?) At the show venue at an amusement park.




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