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The “World Grand Champions Cup 2017” men’s tournament has begun.

Although it is an international tournament once every four years, it is lower in its position compared to the World Championships, World Cups, and Olympics. Of course, it is a valuable opportunity to compete with the world’s powerful teams, but since each country is the year after the Olympics, many teams try young players and the first players who are represented by “How long will this player work?” I think. The United States and Brazil have some main members in Japan, and it will be a good opportunity for Japan to identify issues from the battle with the two countries and lead to future strengthening.

I was paying attention to Fujii and Deda, but the starting members …

The focus of this year is that I have been a middle blocker at Naobu Fujii, a setter of Toray Arrows, which was first selected as a representative, and Sakai Brazers, but this year’s World Championship Asian final qualifying and the Asian championship. I thought it was Takahito Deida who was participating. Fujii is a good player who is good at using quick, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how much the view of the assembly and seeing the opponent’s blocks will be used to the United States that supports the lead block system. was.

Even if it is a Deda, you will see participating in the game as an option since the replacement game when you were participating in Tsukuba University during the Tsukuba era. I was very much looking forward to how the highest point is for organized blocks around the world.

However, the first match setter was Hidetsu Fukatsu, and the other was Ichio Otake.

Of course, I understand that Otake is a young person. I want to try it in this tournament. However, with regard to the setter, I wanted to start in Fujii, not Fukatsu, who has experience on the international stage to some extent. After the match, Yuichi Nakagakiuchi said, “When the reception is disturbed, I buy physical abilities that can be 더존카지노 put under the ball quickly when the reception is disturbed,” Wasn’t Fujii, which can use Bick, effective? It was a remaining question.

Ironically, the battle in Japan has regained calm in the match against France, where Fujii and De -Deda participated together. Fujii’s Toswork, who used BICK from the beginning using a slot that had a chance to block the opponent’s block, was calm, and Deda never defeated the attack, and decided to aim for the near coat end. Indeed, it was a play of Dekida I saw in college.

When all Japan was just convened this year, when I talked to Deda, I talked about this because I was registered as a middle blocker at the time.

“There are a lot of high middle blockers in Japan, but there are few setters that can raise the toss that takes advantage of that height. In that sense, I’m really looking forward to hitting Fujii’s B -Quick toss. “

He said that his wish was not fulfilled due to the conversion to the option, but at the training camp before the opening of Grachan, he said that he was also trying speed attacks as an option. Fujii’s light in Toray is fast. Nikola Jorjef was quick to run, and many scenes were determined from lights. At the end of the V Premier League, he talked to Toray’s coach Atsushi Kobayashi and said, “Because the toss to Nico (Jorjef) is fast, the middle blocker of the opponent cannot catch up.” Of course, the toss to the lights lives because there is a step that collects the consciousness of the opponent’s blocker from the center of the coat to the left side with A Quick and B Quick.

“I can’t say it’s up to Nico, but I think I can make my toss faster. It’s like hitting a D -quick,” said Deda during the training camp. 。

There is no point in killing the height

Speaking of fast toss, it is a linear, and it is easy to think that the height will not come out, but Deda says.

“No matter how fast it is, there is no point in the speed of killing the height. It is a common understanding of the team below the bran coach.”

Looking at Fujii’s toss in the first match and the second round, I think that the speed of not killing the height was sufficient and effective. The rest is to increase the rate of haste that Fujii is good at. (I think this seems to be very responsible for the attacker), so it will be the key to returning a reception at least as long as the quick can be used. In three games after moving to Osaka, I would like to pay attention to all Japan’s “speed that does not kill height”.

It seems that 5 players over 2 meters and the bench are on the bench, but if that is the case, the conversion group (Kentaro Takahashi, Taishi Onodera) will be used in the game, but will be used in the game. You should. In the match against France, there were some scenes where the team rides the waves by switching from one touch of Takahashi blocks.

Yuki Ishikawa and Masahiro Yanagida have already decided to go to Italy and Germany after the tournament. In that case, it would be a great harvest for Takahashi, Onodera, and Shuzo Yamada, who will play in the domestic league, to experience the international stage at this competition.

How are you positioning the tournament this time?

Perhaps few volleyball fans want to win medals at this tournament. Rather, I would like to find hope of what kind of concept and what players will grow for the Tokyo Olympics. I want you to show how to fight all Japan and philosophy. I don’t want more overworking players who are injured.

All Japanese boys who have 0 wins and have 0 wins so far. I hope that somehow will be harvested after the third round of moving to Osaka.

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