Solist Thunder is active on a dirt route, such as the 2nd consecutive year of the Mile CS Southern Cup in combination with Hayato Yoshida (

This year’s Kashiwa Memorial Memorial Solist Thunder (photographed: Masakazu Takahashi) Solist Thunder (Ritto / Daisuke Takayanagi Stable), which was the second place in the Kashiwa Memorial (JPNI), was Morioka Racecourse on October 10. Aim for the Mile CS Southern Cup (3 years old, JPNI, da 1600m). Kurakami will be served by Hayato Yoshida. [Photo] Solist Thunder Soulist Thunder is a pedigree called Father Tob’s Corner, Mother Love Source Wheat, and Mother’s Father Special Week. Debuted in the 2 -year -old new horse game held at Kokura Racecourse in August 2017. From the second race, he turned into a dirt route and raised his first white star in the third race. After the second place in the Pratanas Prize (5 million) in October of the same year, he returned in January 2019 after a one -year and two -month rest due to failure. He won the second victory in the third round of return. In July 2020, he reached its full -scale, and won the TVH Award (3 wins class) in August of the same year with the third victory in Komaba (2 wins class), and achieved an open class. When he ran in the second place in Musashino S (GIII) in the same year, which was the first challenge, he won his first victory in Moji S (OP) last January. In the Kashiwa Memorial in May, he ran well in the second place of the Hana difference from the winning horse Casino Fonten, and was third in the Mile CS Cup in October. Fourth in February S (GI) in February this year, and in March, Dubai expeditions and 4th in Godolfinmile (neck G2). In the previous run, which was the first match of the return to Japan, it was the second place for the second 카지노 consecutive year. The total results were 31 races and six wins.

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