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Episode 03 Chinese Travel

Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen Hangju Hangzhou west


China, closest to Korea, is one of the neighbors that are indispensable to us. There is almost no time to be intertwined with China throughout the five thousand years of long history, so China is really close to our brothers. Of course, it was once a military relationship, a war, and a hostile nation, but because of the geopolitical relationship, it is always a neighbor who has to roll the wheel of history.

The history of China is inseparable from our history. In the 3,000 B.C.E. However, it is recently revealed that the Hongsan civilization of the Yoha basin is thousands of years ahead. Although it has not yet been revealed about the subjects of the Hongsan civilization that dates back to about 8,000 B.C.E., it is argued that 크레이지슬롯 the Dong -Yi people have caused the Hongsan civilization along with the history of our Gojoseon.

Listing China’s all-time dynasty is usually called Ha-Sang (Eun) -Sunchu-Spring-Jin-Han-Wijin South North Korea-Dang-Dang-Dang-Song-Won-Myeong-Qing-Chinese Republic of China. Of course, even before this dynasty, it is called Samhwang Oje, which refers to Bok-hee, Shinnong, Heon-won and Soho-Jeon Wook-Ceremony-Dangyo-Woo Soon, but they are the emperors of the mythical age. Among them, the dynasty, which is actually a testimony, is also called the silver country because of the capital of the capital.

The Han Chinese, the ruling people of China, are so strong that they occupy 91%of the Chinese population due to numerous wars and movements. Of course, due to the huge area of ​​territory, there is a significant cultural difference in the region, but unlike the minority, which is less than 10%, it must be a representative of China. However, according to the recent genetic analysis results, the bloody difference between the southern and northern parties of China showed a much larger gap than the difference between the Han and some minorities. In fact, 1.3 billion, which is nearly 20%of the world’s population, may be almost impossible to maintain a single lineage.


When I first went to China, it was my second overseas trip in July 2006. Because of living as a small citizen, overseas travel was not easy. The first time I went abroad was the eastern United States and Canada, who went to the curriculum research group just before the IMF came in 1997. I had a brother who was dispatched to Beijing for about a week with my family. We visited the Great Wall, Ewhawon, Yonggyeonghyup, and Forbidden City. Beijing’s first impression was not so good. In addition to blurry weather and disorder traffic, local foods lowered their crush. Ten years later, Beijing, which was heard in July 2015, was lucky to step on the Great Wall, which was not snowed. Beijing has established a new city named Daedo since the 13th century Dynasty and has become an administrative capital. Since then, in the early days of the Ming Dynasty, he moved to Nanjing for a while, and from the third emperor, he named Beijing’s new name and keeps his position as a capital of China.

[Hong Kong/Macau/Shenzhen]

It was Hong Kong/Macau/Shenzhen to visit China for the second time in January 2008. The three cities were adjacent and I went to it all at once. It was a trip with acquaintances, so I looked back at the main tourist attractions. Hong Kong was a city that returned to China for 99 years from June 1898 to June 1997 after the opium war intentionally caused by Britain in the mid -19th century. Hong Kong has maintained a nation’s Yangje for the next 50 years after the return, and is proclaimed as a special administrative district of Hong Kong. Like Hong Kong, Macau was dominated by Portugal, who had been trading through Macau since the 16th century in the late 19th century’s colonial era, and was returned in December 1999 as a special administrative district for Macau. .

In Macau, 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are scattered due to the unique culture formed by Portugal for hundreds of years. Shenzhen is an emerging city of more than 10 million people, which has grown dramatically since it was designated as a special economic zone in 1979. Shenzhen, which has the third highest per capita income in China after Hong Kong and Macau, is a rapidly growing city, which is a rapidly growing city, which is the largest model for reform and open policy.

[Sea Moon/Muisan]

The third Chinese destination is the subcontractor and Muisan in Fujian Province, which was visited in January 2014. The second city of Fujian Province, the second city of Fujian Province, was designated as one of China’s first economic zone in 1980 and settled Western capitalism. Baseumumido, which has a city area, is connected to land and bridges, and the golden gate is not far from the coast. In a new town of 2 million new towns with high -rise buildings, Muisan, the hometown of Juhee, comes out. The experience of descending the scenery of Muigu songs is the level.

The best sightseeing in Fujian will be Toru. Toru, a unique architectural style distributed in the southwestern fueline province, designated as a World Heritage Site in 2008, is a Saturn housing that is mainly built by visitors (foreigners) who are called the Descendants of the Sammyo to protect groups from other peoples or bandits. Although it is made, there are also square or oval forms. In a large toru, dozens of households and facilities can be resided.


The fourth destination for China was Shanghai/Hangzhou, which I visited in January 2015. As part of the training arranged by the Church, he went to group tours, mainly with couples. Shanghai, the world’s largest port city and the core of the Chinese economy, was a small fishing village just 200 years ago, but in 1978, it was a big city with a population of more than 20 million. At one time, it grew into the world’s third -largest financial market after New York and London, but now it has given it to Hong Kong or Singapore.

Hangzhou, a saint of Zhejiang and one of the eight altitudes of China, was once the center of Namsong, and at the end of the tendency, it is the point of water traffic. West Lake, which was artificially created to prevent the mud and sand of the pawn river that flows through the Hangzhou, was listed as a World Heritage Site in 2011 because of its excellent artistic sensibility. In Shanghai, it was fascinated by the prospects in the Eastern silk and the night view of all -class nights in the Wantan that followed the Huangpu River. In Hangzhou, he admired the magnificent scale of Songseong Gamu Show, one of the world’s three major shows.


The fifth trip to China is the West Bank, Luoyang, and Zhengzhou in the midfield as part of the training in October 2015. China is now in Beijing, but in the West Bank, Xi’an is a beautiful city that makes the capital of 13 dynasties as the capital. West Bank, which was located in the middle of China’s territory and became the main stage of numerous historical backgrounds, is considered one of the world’s four altitude, which is still attracting attention. Wihwa, who was once the Tang Dynasty, was also a hot spring with a joy of poppy.

Like the West Bank, it is a historical altitude that the nine dynasty has been the capital since the capital of Luoyang -do. From the Huhan period to the Tang Dynasty, if Wi’an (Jangan) was the city of political administration, Luoyang was a city that flourished as the center of economic culture. It is Luoyang, where the stage of the stage of China’s largest poet, Lee Baek and Dubo, and the essence of Oriental philosophy, is Luoyang. In Wi’an, you can go to Luoyang in an hour and a half by high -speed train, so it’s not too difficult to look back at the altitude. Luoyang is famous for its famous Buddhist ruins of Yongmun Cave and Guan Yu.

Zhengzhou, the capital of the country, is a city of China’s political and economic culture, and is the heart of China’s railway transportation, which is the center of Hanam Province’s political and economic culture. It is also the point of traffic, which is the point of transportation that there is no railroad that does not pass the residence, and is also the starting point of Shinsilk Road, which connects China and Europe. Unfortunately, due to the rapid industrialization, there are few cultural ruins in Zhengzhou compared to long history. However, the Hanam Province Museum was enough for the 130,000 relics that proved the history of the brilliant midfield.


The sixth trip to China is Myeongsan and Taehangsan, which went to August 2016. Myeonsan, which contains the legend of the Genuine of the Qin Dynasty, which is the origin of Korean food, is a public city of the scenic view of the shrine and the temple, along the cliffs of the canyon area of ​​more than 2,000 meters above sea level. Daera Palace, a tao -bridge hall that is 110 meters high on the sheer rock wall, is said to have been said that Gakjachu has moved the scene from the dream. Jung and Saga, where Buddhist temples, eight adults of Buddhism, and four adults of Taoism, are located around the natural cave on the cliffs, the lanterns of the adults of 1,000 years ago died of death. It creates a mourning atmosphere that seems to be there. The highlight of Myeonsan is a opening of the Gongyeong -ryeong -gu, and it is a shrine in honor of the dogs.

Taehang Mountain refers to the Taehang Mountain Range, which is called Grand Cannon of China, with a mountain range of 400 kilometers that forms the boundary between Sanso Province and Hanam Province in northern China. Gobongjunyeong, more than 1,000 meters above sea level, rises from the North Korean plains and extends south. The Daehyupgok, the end of the mountain range, has developed several landscape districts. The most magnificent scale of the Palcheonhyup is the name derived from the three branches that flow through the canyon and collect them into eight branches. The view from the observation deck at the top of the canyon brings the view of the view. The cliffs of the dazzling canyon overlooking the glass plate were also different experiences.


From 2006 to 2016, I visited 13 cities on the continent through six 10 years of travel. Although it is part of the vast continent of China, from Beijing to the southern southern moon, we have been able to experience the past and today of China through meaningful journey to some extent. It will be memorable for a long time as a good opportunity to experience the power of the Chinese who have continued the rise and fall through the midfield of the continent to the port. Although they were fascinated by the grandeur of nature and were surprised by the huge movements of the enormous people, the dancing stories of the heroes who had wrinkled the world came to mind and finished their travels that engraved the fate and hope of the future of our nation.

[AUG 16. 2016]

■■■ What I think, hear, and think ■■■


According to the Internet information, on 2022/2/10, “the total number of new Coronavirus infected in the U.S. John’s Hopkins University has reached a total of 400 million people, and the number of deaths has reached 5.77 million in the whole world. There is “”. We ordinary people do not know the situation.

There is no prospect of convergence of the new colon virus infection. There is also a story that the Ukrainian crisis is a food crisis in the Middle East, and the world situation is turbulent.

It is said that there was a risk that radioactivity would spread throughout the Kanto region due to the nuclear accident after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

It is said that the word “premature” is frequently used, and reforms are postponed. We do not know the movement of nuclear shelters, but it is said that this area should also apply global standard.

It is said that the problem of food storage and fuel stockpiling is also a matter of course in crisis management. Weapons are progressing and the appearance of the war is changing. It is said that nuclear weapons will be “extended and miniaturized” in the near future.

The author, “A small country like Japan, Israel, and Switzerland, is called One Bomb Country, and almost by dropping one or two atomic bombs in the center. It refers to a country where the victory or defeat has been decided and the war continuing ability is lost. “

After the bombing of nuclear weapons, panic is a big confusion, so it is said that nuclear shelters, food, fuel stockpiling, and other equipment should be used as crisis management. The global spread of nuclear shelters seems to be because people around the world are capturing nuclear wars as “realistic things.” Marshal MacArthur said, “Japan should aim for Oriental Switzerland,” but various measures in Switzerland are common sense in the world and are concerned about “Japanese insane.”

It is an important issue for local governments to respond to natural disasters such as earthquakes directly under the capital and the Nankai Trough Earthquake tsunami. In addition, the typhoon is intensifying and heavy rains every year due to abnormal weather, so the embankment within the conventional standard is likely to be broken. There is also a concern about the risk of breaking in Arakawa in Tokyo, and it is said that conventional measures cannot be handled. Since it is an abnormal weather disaster power, it is said that waste of tax should be prohibited and it should be used for disaster countermeasures. It seems that as many embankments should be reinforced.

It has been pointed out that a “national remodeling plan” that combines wisdom of the best & bristest technoclato, a well -known state -run practice, is required.

By the way, it has been pointed out that a survival plan needs to be prepared by a 100 % nuclear shelter like Switzerland and a local defense force under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. It is said that it is necessary to make subordinated fortresses nationwide in preparation for the future war, like Switzerland.


The author’s “Unified Korean” is the appearance. It will happen as early as 5 years and at the latest within 10 years. It is not surprising that it has been realized around 2025, “the theory is that it is not possible for a geopolitical hypothesis / scenario, but is it a very small theory? The geopolitics of neighboring countries is important, but the current geopolitical science seems to be in the spotlight in this opaque era, as it is said to be the second boom. It seems that the current situation in Ukraine and Russia can be explained in geopolitics. With the backdrop of the old history of each country, modern politics and geopolitics are moving, so it seems that the huge knowledge of the history and politics of each country is needed.

It is said that the seriousness of the population problem in China is unimaginable for intellectuals. It is said that “it is a population power, so there is anything.”

Companies have expanded in a large number of land power China, but more and more companies are thinking about withdrawal. From the perspective of geopolitics, it would be impossible to enter the land power China and get a great benefit. From the perspective of geopolitics, the answer was in advance. It is said that if you put a factory in a so -called developing country and try to make a big profit, it will be “assistance” in the long term. By the way, it is said that Japanese overseas assistance does not consider local situation, but has various problems and has a bad reputation. Does that mean, “I don’t know the frog seas in the well?”

It is said that developing countries lack basic conditions for business. If you are looking for a cheap labor, other conditions will not go well.

It is said that “the 21st century is a century in which humanity is facing China,” but it is said that Japan should consider diplomacy based on the fact that there are completely different countries from themselves.

“It is a natural world to live or eat in international politics, and live with the limits of wisdom.” “From the perspective of our Japanese people, the world is just a sexual country. There are people who are doing an evil wisdom contest trying to deceive people.”

We ordinary people cannot recognize the mechanism of international politics and geopolitics. From the perspective of foreigners, it is said that Japan’s defense policy is particularly strange. In this era, it is said that there are not enough competent diplomats.

It is pointed out that “the 카지노사이트 failure of domestic politics can be defeated, but diplomatic failure destroys the country,” and “war is nothing more than diplomatic failure.”

It is said that nuclear shelters should also aim for global standard. The nuclear shelter is “100 % Israel, 98 % Norwegi, 82 % in the United States, 67 % in the UK, 54 % in Singapore, 0.02 % in Japan.”

The Swiss shelter is 100 % maintained, and it is said that “if you arrange a passable space in a row, it will be a tunnel of about 3780 kilometers in length. This is the distance from Zurich to Iran -Tehran.” “In the future, we should aim for Swiss -type” private defense “.”

There is no guarantee that there will be no nuclear war in the 21st century.

It is said that it is necessary to become a nationwide fortress in preparation for the future war like Switzerland.

It seems that there is a story that Switzerland, a national soldier, and the United States of gun society survive after World War III.

It has been pointed out that shelter maintenance and small fire storage are required. It is often pointed out that there are so many “peace bokeh” people who are actually receiving “nuclear threats”. It is said that “peace movements will cause nuclear attacks”, and the threat of “sinking the Japanese archipelago with nuclear attacks” is often received by the general public.

It has been pointed out that as a survival plan, Ideally, 100 % nuclear shelters like Switzerland and the local defense corps under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

By the way, it seems that various problems with foreign workers are becoming a social problem.

It has been pointed out that if a low -wage foreign worker is included, the synergy effect also reduces the wage of the Japanese. “If you verify the history of humanity so far, it is the most dangerous policy to have a large amount of immigrants from abroad from abroad.”

It has been pointed out that bad images of Japanese people spread around the world if they respond to foreign workers.

The author also says, “Let’s” intellectual armed “in geopolitics to avoid being excited by daily news, and” Unified Korean “is the emergence. It will happen as early as 5 years and at the latest within 10 years. It is not surprising that it has become a reality around 2025. “” And South Korea’s “left -sided” and “progressive” are actually intense Korean ethnicists who are incompatible with China, more than conservatives. It is rarely understood in Japan that there is no compromise, “” Through a series of US -North Korea summit talks, there is no “denuclearization” or “nuclear and missile abandonment” in Kim Jong Un’s head. “The fact is obvious”, “Even if Korean” progressive “relying on foreign powers, they are also people who are completely capitalist and live a rich life. You will be wondering if the poorest country will be able to put your shoulder into it. “” Let’s predict the future of the unified Korean. It is the “one country two system”, “It is a lesson of the history that Chinese people should learn” is the lack of land power and sea power. ” Is continuing to lose in the conspiracy and advertising games, “” The only area in Japan is in the area where China’s advertising work is effective. Okinawa “,” Think about Japanese strategies from a long -term perspective. ” The readers will already understand that “Japan is most likely to secure sea power”, “” However, the spy prevention method that cracks down and punish the spy act itself. It does not exist. Foreign spies have to rely on other arrests such as invasion of housing and are released with a slight crime. Japan is a “spy heaven.”

Politicians who do not try to create a law to end the “Spy Heaven”, which have been continuing since the war, are said to be weak and strange.


・ It seems that the new colon virus is rampant in Switzerland.

(2020/12/18) Cumulative infected number of people infected in total 423299 Dead 6431

<●● From Internet information ●●>

Website NEWSWEEK Japan version 2020/11/12

“Honor student” Switzerland is the second wave of economic priority Corona over human life

Website quoted from Swissinfo.ch 2020/12/24

The Swiss Federation has banned entry from South Africa, the United Kingdom, which is becoming a variable new colon virus infection on Tuesday.

“Measures from December 22nd to January 22, 2001”
• NONE restaurants are completely suspended (exception measures). Employee cafeterias, compulsory education institution cafeterias, and dining rooms exclusively for hotel customers are available. Take -out and home delivery are also possible
• NONE 7:00 to 6:00 am) ・ Sundays and holidays are prohibited and other retail stores are prohibited at night (afternoon to morning) and Sundays and holidays
• None is a group of up to 5 people. Professional sports can be implemented in a spectator game. Sports facilities are not eligible (excluding competitions) for children under the age of 16. Sports outdoors are groups up to people. Professional sports can be implemented in a spectator game. Children under the age are not eligible (excluding competitions)
• Up to 10 None (including children). The upper limit 2 households are strongly recommended for people (including children). Strongly recommended maximum households
• None 50 people), except for parliamentary and political rally (the same), the banials, religious worship (the highest person), parliamentary assembly, and political rally (same) are prohibited.
• None is possible for children under the age of 16. Events with crowds are still prohibited (online is possible) Museums, movie theaters, libraries, casinos, botanical gardens, and zoos are closed. Cultural activity with small groups, possible for children under the age. Events with the crowd continue to be prohibited (online is possible)
• Request to refrain from going out unnecessary
• None 1, less than 1, a new infected person, which is a new infected person, is down to the average value of the country, so that the condition of infection is settled down, the state infection status can alleviate the restrictions on sports facilities and restaurants. The condition is that the number of effective reproduction of viruses is less than the average day of the day of the new infected person.
• Expanded the use of None simple tests. Even if you have no symptoms, you will be able to test at home or at work. “

・ It seems that it was a year of dawn with “Corona, Corona”. It is said that the demon laughs next year, but we are unpredictable for us. The political world is said to be “one -sided darkness”, but I would like to expect it next year. In addition, there are concerns about risks such as a major earthquake directly below the capital, the occurrence of the Nankai Trough giant earthquake tsunami, and the prolonged Corona shock.

Naturally, the think tanks and research institutes nationwide will be studying the political and social security systems of developed European and American countries. Research on Scandinavian, European and American countries and Switzerland seems to be thriving. It is said that Switzerland, a developed country in disaster prevention welfare, is a country with many policies and systems that Japan should refer to, but of course there are plus and negative aspects. It has been pointed out that it is necessary to prepare a 100 % nuclear shelter like Switzerland and a local defense force under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for 100 % nuclear shelters and the “Volunteers of the Volunteer”. In Switzerland, there is a theory that the poor and dark -dark era, except for the eldest son, had no choice but to participate in mercenaries. It seems that the history of European countries has a very many terrible darkness of the history of battle and war. It is said that if Japan did not have a Pacific War, it would have become a “rich country” like Switzerland. It is said that there is a thickness of social capital compared to Japan, which was burned in the war. There are also notable systems such as “euthanasia”.

Of course, it is said that politicians should use the government, which is the largest think tank in Japan. “In democracy, the people can only be the government.” The “policy regulatory” of the Society is said to be ashamed of the general public. The politicians’ scandal reports are said to be anxious for the people and the people are ashamed. It is said that it is a good idea to send shame internationally.

The word “drastic review” is frequently used for system reform. “Reforms are delayed because really good bureaucrats and politicians are not appointed.” However, it is said that there is always a barrier of “limited budget”.

・ At the time of the Pacific War, the bamboo bomb of the air raid was incendiary bomb, and due to a large indiscriminate bombing, the disaster was 9.7 million, about 2.23 million units were affected by more than 300,000 people, and 15 million people lost their homes. It is said. In modern times, it is said that the enemy attacks the most weakness (without nuclear shelters). If the brain weather (no weather) is in this area, will Japan easily disappear from history? McMony Glee’s future perspective is that the population of mankind is drastically reduced to one -sixth in two wars in the 23rd and 24th century. It is said that biological chemical weapons called “nuclear weapons of the poor” are used at that time.

・ It is said that “Japan should be like Switzerland” was the General MacArthur.

It is said that a reasonable thinking is required to say, “Nuclear is a nucleus to prevent nuclear threats.”

“Nuclear shelters with brain weather (no weather) should also apply global standard.” There is no guarantee that there will be no nuclear war in the 21st century.

It seems that neighboring countries are eager to develop nuclear weapons, biological chemical weapons, and nuclear shelters. Probably because the nuclear war is expected. It is said that a backdrop country will have a suicide bomber -type nuclear war. It has been pointed out that the absence of a nuclear shelter causes nuclear attacks. It is said that if you do not have nuclear weapons, you will be forced to bleed a large amount of infantry.

・ According to the Internet information

Quoted from “Diamond Online”.

The reputation of “J Alert” is not good.

Although it is a system that protects the lives of the people, such as “It doesn’t make sense to sound after passing Japan,” “Don’t respond to things that fly to outer space.” The people have been severely criticized. It is not only “J Alert” that is being beaten. The government is touching around, “action when falling out of ballistic missiles”, that is, the call of “hiding behind the scenes or protecting the head by hiding in the shade or protecting the head”, “I want to lie down on the ground with a missile defense. Strict opinions have been received, such as “there is no country to announce in” “” Before the war to drop B29 with a bamboo spear “.

It does not defend the government, but this call is not meaningless. Even in Israel, which is said to build the most advanced missile defense system in the world, when the siren rings, citizens are behind the scenes, hitting their heads.

When the missile lands, the blasts will scatter rubble with tremendous momentum, so if you are outdoors, it is especially ridiculous to hide yourself in the shade or protect your head. It is a realistic way of protecting it.

Why is the efforts of many taxes and resources of many people by trying to protect the lives of the people? There may be various opinions, but personally, I think that the majority of Japanese people think that it is a big thing in the belly, even if they do not speak. ” 。

・ It is reported that there is a severe opinion, such as “There is no country to announce the ground with a serious face with a missile defense,” and “Prior to the war to drop B29 with bamboo spears”, but it is a public as a Switzerland in a very long -term plan. It is said that the underground room, underground parking, and nuclear shelter are said to be the must. According to the press, even if a housewife with a child said, “Hide it in a sturdy building or underground,” she was very embarrassed, “Where is it?”

“As a result, as of 2014, there are 6.5 million nuclear shelters throughout Switzerland, and the penetration rate is 95 %.” It is said to be the top evaluation of a country that can survive in the nuclear war. In Japan, when will it be the rule of the future that you can stock up “new rice” and eat “old rice” everyday? In Switzerland, it seems to be bad because the bread is baked using old flour.

The “No -Shelter Policy” of the Society of Society is said to be ashamed of the general public. It is said that the “No -Shelter Policy” of the Society of Society is “leading a nuclear attack that attacks the most weakness of the enemy.” If the brain weather (no weather) is in this area, will Japan disappear from history? “The no -shelter policy leads a nuclear attack that attacks the most weakness of the enemy.” It is said that it is necessary to refer to Switzerland’s defense policy and “private defense”. It is said that “the hydrogen bomb aimed at the city center, the parliament, the Imperial Palace, and Kasumigaseki will blow away and the end of the first volume.”

・ Even if you simply think about it, if 10 nuclear weapons fall in major cities, will tens of millions of casualties? If you look at the weekly magazine, you can see the names of cities targeted by North Korean nuclear missiles. Nevertheless, those who have survived must go to the stricken area of ​​hell as a nation. It is said that a 100 % nuclear shelter and a nationwide “Local Defense Force” are essential. If the brain weather (no weather) is in this area, will Japan disappear from history? “Nuclear shelters with brain weather (no weather) should also apply global standard.” The government should have gathered best and brushes?! And only the best & bratests should be able to configure the government?! increase. We do not understand the general public.

・ During the Cold War era in the United States, Switzerland (population 7.9 million) seemed to have made a nuclear shelter with considerable heat. It seems that the long -war war in Europe made Switzerland a eternal neutral country. In modern times, it is said to be a top -class country where you can survive even if there is a world war in the nuclear war. It is said that Switzerland’s private defense is helpful. The world was nervous about North Korea’s nuclear tests and missile experiments. It has been pointed out that the response has a Japanese limit. It is stated that deterrent increases with a Swiss -type 100 % nuclear shelter and a large amount of small fire. It is said that a reasonable thinking is required to say, “Nuclear is a nucleus to prevent nuclear threats.” If you have been changing world peace for decades, it is said that “the number of people who are concerned about nuclear attacks has increased and the government has become distrustful.” It is said that a backdrop country will have a suicide bomber -type nuclear war. It is said that “peace movements will cause nuclear attacks”, and the threat of “sinking the Japanese archipelago with nuclear attacks” is often received by the general public. The penetration rate of nuclear shelters is “100 % Switzerland, 100 % Israel, 98 % Norwegi, 82 % in the United States, 67 % in the United Kingdom, 54 % in Singapore, and Japan is 0.02 % abnormal.” If the brain weather (no weather) is in this area, will Japan disappear from history? It is said that it is not allowed to greatly impair national interests with a sweet international sense. However, unlike Switzerland with a population of 7.9 million in the mountains, 126 million marine nations have been pointed out that their own national defense policy is needed.

<●● From Internet information ●●>

・ “Until 2006, the remnants of the East and West Cold War were required to install an air raid shelter (nuclear shelter) when building a house. It is. Older air raid shelters are also reused as underground warehouses and stores. “

・ In Switzerland, you can purchase a gun without a screening just by declining the purpose of use, and there is no need to register.

・ Switzerland said, “Switzerland has been a gun that people have guns on a daily basis, and once the threats are approaching the country, they have been armed immediately, and they have protected independence and neutral. This is part of the tradition of Switzerland.” There are still a lot of regulations.

・ Swiss must go to the army during the period of 20 years old and about 40 years old. And until the duty of military service is over, keep the gun at home.

・ In Switzerland, rifles were lent to the people who had finished conscription, and home management was allowed. Currently, post offices and others are managing collective management to prevent accidents. “

・ If you say “Tamogami Toshio” to Amazon, you will see 132 books. In recent books, “Kuni no Futi No. 4” (2017/12/20), “Patriot” (2017/10/10), “Japanese Enemy” (2017/10/20), “The Truth of the State) (2017/7/21), “Shame of immortality, a false accusation of a false accusation” (2017/5/21), “Toshio Tamogami’s” War theory ” -The ultimate choice for Japan to keep war forever” ( 2016/4/23), etc. He seems to be a pretty celebrity because he ran in the 2014 Governor’s election in 2014. He was reported on April 14, 2016 that he was “arrested for violating the Public Office Election Law.”

The general public was surprised at the corruption case of former Moriya Defense Secretary. It was suspected that the bureaucrats as a whole would be strange. Since the business of weapons moves a lot, corruption cases are frequent around the world. It seems that there are many countries with common sense to get Wyro.

・ It seems that we explain Japanese defense policy and the SDF in an easy -to -understand manner. The problem of New Clear Sharing has attracted attention. The public opinion of nuclear equipment seems to have changed dramatically in the last 10 years. It has been noted that Trump, who is a presidential candidate election in the United States, mentioned Korean and Japanese nuclear equipment. The huge expenses of the U.S. military may have been the concept of giving South Korea and Japan a nuclear equipment like a new clear sharing instead of reducing or removing US military bases. However, it seems to have been denied later. Okinawa and others have a major problem at the US military base, but if it was a “US military without being stationed,” would it be a big turning point in Japan’s Self -Defense Force and defense policy?

・ This book (“The strong yen is a big chance in Japan”) was written at a time when it was not necessary to consider the serious reconstruction budget in the publication before the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. In a state of a limited budget, an increase in tax revenue, and a budget deficit that cuts the welfare budget, it is still a severe situation that must also take into account the budget for earthquake tsunamas and the Nankai Trough Giant Earthquake Tsunami. It seems that the budget for social security, pensions and defense expenses is rising. Various economic measures have been hit, but can tax revenues increase significantly? It is said that there is a limit that a policy that does not support financial resources cannot be realized. Some scholars claimed that the yen depreciated policy was made in Abenomics, but strong circles are national interests. It is said that Prime Minister Abe himself acknowledged Abenomics failure. That doesn’t mean that you will switch to a high -yen induction policy.

In the era of “bacterial weapons” and “chemical weapons” of “the nuclear weapons of the poor”, it will not be the “heart of Samurai”. Before the “nuclear weapons of the poor”, the normal weapons are normally obsolete and have no deterrence. Also, if the constitution is amended to become an “ordinary country,” it will be a casualties of a large number of national soldiers in the participation of the United Nations and a joint operation with the US military. There is a movement to revise the constitution and make it an “ordinary country”. If it becomes a “ordinary country”, will it happen to a joint operation with the US military and “forced the stratile of infantry to be forced to be forced?”














“I bought Chanel’s watch, Premiere ☆ Sakai Purchase Center, a purchase store in Ueno Shiba Mukagaoka -cho, Nishi -ku, Sakai City”

We purchased Chanel watch, Premiere ☆ Sakai Purchase Center in Ueno Shiba Mukagaoka Town, Nishi -ku, Sakai City, Sakai Purchase Center

It is Sakai Purchase Center, a purchase shop in Ueno Shiba Mukagaoka Town, Nishi -ku, Sakai City.

Not only purchasing items that are no longer used, but also relics arrangements, pre -life, etc.

Please order anything! There are also relics and relics appraisers!

Thank you very much for coming to our blog.

At the Sakai Purchase Center, a purchase shop in Ueno Shiba Mukagaoka -cho, Nishi -ku, Sakai -shi,

From Sakai City (Sakai Ward, Kita Ward, Nishi Ward, Naka Ward, Higashi Ward, Minami Ward, Mihara Ward)

Takaishi City, Izumi City, Izumi Otsu City, and Otori Kita, Otori -cho, Otohigashi -cho, Otori -cho, Otaka -cho,

Tsukuno, Mikunigaoka, Hatsushiba, Hagoromo, Higashi Hagoromo, Ueno Shiba -cho, Ueno Shiba Mukagaoka Town, Higashijo -no -Shibacho,

Momotori Akabata -cho, Momotori Ume Kita -cho, Momotori Ume Town, Momotori Yuuncho, Momotori Nishinomachi,

Momotori Honcho, Momotori Ryo -cho, Fukai Kitacho, Fukaizawa, Fukai Shimizu Town, Fukai Nakamachi,

Fukai Hatayama Town, Fukai Higashi -cho, Fukai Ike -cho, Hamadera Ishizu -cho Nishi, Hamadera Ishizu -cho Higashi, Hamadera Park Town,

Hamadera Showa -cho, Hamadera Ushimori -cho, Hamadera -cho, Hamadera -cho Nishi, Hamadera -cho Higashi, Hamaji -cho, Hamai -cho,

Hamadera -cho Higashi, Hamadera Minamicho, Hamadera Motomachi, Ishizu River, Suwanomori, Hamadera, Tomi, Kita Shinta,

We have visited the store from various fields such as Shinta Mountain.

At the Sakai Purchase Center, a purchase shop in Ueno Shiba Mukagaoka -cho, Nishi -ku, Sakai -shi,

★ Precious metal (gold, platinum, silver, palladium, etc.)

★ Jewelry (Diamond Emerald Sapphire Ruby Coral (Sanugo/Coral)

Jade, etc.)

★ Brand bag

★ Brand wallet

★ Brand scarf

★ Brand accessories

★ Brand watches (purchased watches from domestic manufacturers such as Seiko Citizen Casio)

★ Sake (purchase alcohol, both in Japan and overseas, such as brandy, whiskey, shochu, etc.)

★ Stamps (Japanese ordinary stamps / commemorative stamps (stamp sheets, rose stamps)

In general stamps, such as Chinese stamps (stamp sheets and rose stamps))

★ Tele card (50 degrees telephone card, 105 degrees telephone card, Other degree number)

★ Old coins (gold coins, silver coins, coins, banknotes)

★ Camera (Leica, Lights, Canon, Minolta, etc.)

★ Brand tableware (wedgewood, Meissen, Noritake Minton, Baccarat, etc.)

★ Perfume (OK can be used)

★ Smartphone tablet (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

★ Supplements / health foods

★ musical instrument

★ Gift certificates, shareholder special coupons, etc. …

We purchase various items.

By the way, as mentioned in the title, I bought Chanel’s clock, Premiere!

There are still many people who still have it, and it is a plumiel, which is often brought in.

Premiere has new types and solid gold products,

Even the old models that were popular during the bubble were purchased very high.

The battery is cut, the belt is damaged, and there is no belt leather part,

It is welcome in any condition, such as items that are damaged by the windshield (glass).

If you don’t use it but you’re sleeping,

By all means, please order to Sakai Purchase Center in Ueno Shiba Mukogaoka Town, Nishi -ku, Sakai City.

In addition, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, and Rolex are especially ultra -expensive! !

What kind of shop is the Sakai Purchase Center? If you think


Please refer to the purchase items, purchase and how to come to the store.

Finally, we will guide you to the exterior, the in -store image, and the access to the Sakai Purchase Center.


4-24-26 Ueno Shiba Mukagaoka-cho, Nishi-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka

Will be.

As you may know in the neighborhood, it 슬롯머신 will be the site of the pharmacy.

There is also a special free parking and bicycle parking lot on the premises.

From Sakai City (Sakai Ward, Kita Ward, Nishi Ward, Naka Ward, Higashi Ward, Minami Ward, Mihara Ward)

Takaishi City, Izumi City, Izumi Otsu City, and Otori Kita, Otori -cho, Otohigashi -cho, Otori -cho, Otaka -cho,

Tsukuno, Mikunigaoka, Hatsushiba, Hagoromo, Higashi Hagoromo, Ueno Shiba -cho, Ueno Shiba Mukagaoka Town, Higashijo -no -Shibacho,

Momotori Akabata -cho, Momotori Ume Kita -cho, Momotori Ume Town, Momotori Yuuncho, Momotori Nishinomachi,

Momotori Honcho, Momotori Ryo -cho, Fukai Kitacho, Fukaizawa, Fukai Shimizu Town, Fukai Nakamachi,

Fukai Hatayama Town, Fukai Higashi -cho, Fukai Ike -cho, Hamadera Ishizu -cho Nishi, Hamadera Ishizu -cho Higashi, Hamadera Park Town,

Hamadera Showa -cho, Hamadera Ushimori -cho, Hamadera -cho, Hamadera -cho Nishi, Hamadera -cho Higashi, Hamaji -cho, Hamai -cho,

Hamadera -cho Higashi, Hamadera Minamicho, Hamadera Motomachi, Ishizu River, Suwanomori, Hamadera, Tomi, Kita Shinta,

Everyone in Shinta, and everyone who is looking at this blog,

We look forward to your visit and order.


★ Sakai Purchase Center Ueno Shiba Store ★

[Place] 〒593-8303

4-24-26 Ueno Shiba Mukagaoka-cho, Nishi-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka

[TEL] 0120-808-184

[Business hours] 10: 00-19: 00

[Regular holiday] January 1-3

[Homepage] https://www.sakai-kaitori-center.com/


・ Hatena Blog: https: //sakai-kaitori-center.hatenablog.com/

・ Amoeba Blog: http://ameblo.jp/sakai-kaitori-center/

・ Live door blog: http: //sakai-kaitori-centra.livedoor.biz/


Looking back on the journey to the Grand Canyon in May 2021.

About Las Vegas I visited from the afternoon of the second day. The travelogue is over this time.

When staying at the hotel, I and Piko usually sleep together in the same bed,

If you sleep like this, there is no place for my mother.

That’s why I’m always lacking in sleep while traveling (her husband is always sleeping)

With the food I had brought, I had breakfast in my room and went out to the city of Las Vegas in the morning. I have to get home at noon on this day.

Casino in the hotel. It is wide.

It’s quiet in the morning, but I guess I spent the night here …

Las Vegas, it’s definitely a city …

If you like this flashy, you like it. The place where this city is in the desert is also amazing.

If you walk early in the morning, there are not so many people. I wonder if everyone goes out at night.

The shop of Marifu Na, which I hate, was all over the city. The shop I thought was a fashionable drink shop. There are young people lined up there.

Until then, I can’t understand it a bit, but I don’t want Peeko to be interested.

I, my casino and my husband who are not interested in the city in the first place, are not hooked on the 카지노 city of Las Vegas at all.

Why did we come here … lol

My husband and I are less likely to stay in this city,

I decided to go to the only M & M’s shop. It was before the store opened, but there were quite a lot of people, probably because of the restrictions on the entry of corona. This is popular.

It was fun to see various things such as goods.

Peeko was also happy in the shop full of M & M, which she sometimes eats for snacks.

Almost all are souvenirs for Piko. Piko seemed to like this yellow child.

The straw cup is not used at home, but now it is mine

I was thinking of going to take a picture of Las Vegas’s Sign, but it was a bit far and troublesome

So I’m satisfied with this.

What is interesting about Las Vegas, and I’m bumping with my husband, and I bought many T -shirts written as “Las Vegas” in souvenirs, and returned home for a while this summer. The uncles in the countryside (both father and father -in -law) who were souvenirs were so happy

We are the first and last Las Vegas. My husband and my husband were not adults who could enjoy this city …

Grand Canyon was very good!

But my stay time was too short … I want to go again.

My husband’s work, my home does not come true for a long -term trip, but I would like to do a trip to the Grand Circle someday! !


“Store manager blog update 40”

Good morning everyone.

Maruhan West Japan Company Flagship Store

I’m Kusuda, the director of Maruhan Kagoshima Shinko store manager.

You will always be patronized the Maruhan Kagoshima Shinko store.

Thank you very much.

September is the end of the month, and it has become a little cold in the morning and evening.

Please be careful about physical condition management.

The number of days when it is easy to spend during the day has increased, so

We are able to work comfortably.

Our shop will be open from 10:00.

We look forward to your visit and all the staff.

Maruhan West Japan Company

Heavy flagship store

Maruhan Kagoshima Shinko Store

Opened at 10:00 today

Click here for the latest models

Col of 7 models have been derived

● 4 yen pachinko corner

P Sakurabana Ninpocho SA 01 units

● 1 yen pachinko corner

P Ginpara Dream Carnival HTK 02

Pers Laughing Sorry, the last advice MPY2 01

● 20 yen slot corner

S pachislot BOOWY SV 04 units

S Aladdin 슬롯머신 Classic KF 04 units [Masudai]

A total of 08 units are installed!

S pachislot Tetsuya 6.1 DSN 01 units

S Girls & Panzer Theatrical Version H4 01

At Kagoshima Shinko store, we are disinfection of gaming platforms, etc., and are working on measures against infectious diseases.

When you come to the store, please cooperate with infectious diseases, such as wearing a mask.

We will continue to work so that we can play with our customers with peace of mind.

The contents of the “virtual currency practice meeting” seminar on Wednesday, 22nd (Wednesday) -Private video viewing ants-

Let’s write a story for tomorrow’s cryptocurrency seminar.

When I thought so, I was suspicious.

If the monthly rate is 16 %, it is 192 % per year even if it is simply calculated.

It means that you will invest 1 million yen to 2.92 million yen.

Moreover, it is called “principal guarantee”.

Is the principal safe and safe, is there such a story?

It is obviously suspicious that it is so far, but the acquaintance who invests in this

He has earned as planned for several months.

Write the mechanism.

First, this story is made by virtual currency publisher, online casinos, and insurance companies.

Investors put a $ 254 funds in the casino.

Why is $ 2540?

You can tell the reason later, so please wait for a while. 。

And we do a casino, which is the principal guarantee.

“Is it a casino, but the principal guarantee?”

There is no principal guarantee in gambling.

This mechanism is not a gambling, just using a casino.

Investors play the following games in the online casino baccarat.

Bet $ 1,20.

⇒ End of winning games

⇒ To the next game

Bet $ 2,40

⇒ End of winning games

⇒ To the next game

Bet $ 3,80

⇒ End of winning games

⇒ To the next game

Bet $ 4,160

⇒ End of winning games

⇒ To the next game

Bet $ 5,320

⇒ End of winning games

⇒ To the next game

Bet $ 6,640

⇒ End of winning games

⇒ To the next game

Bet $ 7,280

⇒ End of winning games

⇒ To losing insurance claim

This mechanism is the principal guarantee, but it is not guaranteed by the casino side.

The insurance company guarantees.

The guarantee condition is the above bet, no matter where the investors stop

If you add the previous loss, you will win $ 20.

The exception is that when you lose seven consecutive times, a total of $ 1260 lost from “1” to “6”.

Add $ 1280 losing in “7” and lose $ 2540.

This is the first investment, but in this case, insurance is applied and the full amount is refunded.

What is insurance?

Investors who are participating in this mechanism give 30 % of the amount they bought.

Pay with a virtual currency.

Calculated in one month, $ 20 per day x 30 days per month = $ 600

Pay 30 % of $ 180 as insurance premiums.

Investors are $ 420 in one month.

Because the “$ 2,540 investment” will be “$ 420”.

420 ÷ 2540 = 0.1653

Monthly interest 16.5 %


Huh? Is there such a good mechanism?

By the way, the probability of losing 7 times in a row

1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/6, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128,

2×2 …

= 1/128

In other words, if you play a game 128 times, you will win $ 20 for 127 times,

I lose $ 2540 once

127 x 20 = $ 2540, and becomes ton -ton.

“Because the winning or losing is ton -ton, 30 % insurance premiums will be positive.”

I feel like that?

Let’s continue.

If you play games for 128 days, the insurance premium that the insurance company gets is

$ 2540 x 30 % = $ 752.

Investors have already received value as a profit.

In that case, the loss was guaranteed for $ 752, and

In this case, it is negative considering the amount to be warranted.

Well, why is this possible? 。

Insurance is an investment for cryptocurrency issuance to distribute currency.

An acquaintance has a 16 % yield every month, but what about?

Even so, there are various mechanisms in the world. 。

The contents of the “virtual currency practice meeting” seminar on Wednesday, 22nd (Wednesday) -Private video viewing ants-

===== Future seminar schedule ====

About the 3rd “Growth Stock Seminar”

[Study session for beginners: 1st to 12th] Video list

[Practical meeting of growth stock investment: 1st to 18th] Video list

Basic seminar for growth stocks

* As a general rule, from 19:00 on the second Friday of every month


Friday, July 8, August 5 (Fri)

Friday, September 9th, October 14th, November 11th (Fri), December 9th (Fri)

Grow -shared practical meeting seminar

* As a general rule, from 19:00 on the last Friday of every month


Friday, July 15th, August 19th (Fri)

Friday, September 16th, October 21st (Fri), November 18th (Fri), December 16th (Fri)

[Information on video seminars] For those who want to participate but cannot.

Stock investment seminar for beginners [12 times in total]

Junji Nagata’s thoughts. “For the growth stock investment seminar for beginners 12 times,”

===== Video distribution =======

[Video] President Loveho looks back on the Hell’s Nomura Securities Rookie era ~ Nagasaki ~

[Video] Resurrection from debt from 1.1 billion yen. Part 1 “What will happen if you can’t repay the bank!?”

[Video] Resurrection from debt from 1.1 billion yen. Part 2 “The company money problem is useless if you consult a lawyer!?”

===== Currently introduced projects ====

The strongest card “AMEX MARRIOTT” is upgraded. Now you can get 200,000 p! ?

“Business rebuilding subsidy” is worth doing ants! ?

48 million yen for sale love hotels in Ibaraki Prefecture. More than 20 % yield. Over 20 rooms

Love reversal, recruitment of Loveho President! ! “There is a chance for a small hotel!?”

E -mail magazine

If you register an e -mail magazine, we will deliver limited Bali real estate and seminar information.

Please, register from here

I would be glad if you could click the support.

↓ ↓ ↓



나는 도박 중독이 아닙니다.

우선, 개는 도박을하지 않습니다. 나는 돈에 관심이 없기 때문에 그것을 만들고 돈을 벌고 싶지도 않습니다. 그러나 인간은 그렇지 않은 것 같습니다. Pachinko (상금 교환은 불법 일 수 있음), Mahjong (이것은 검찰 / 경찰이기도하므로 유출이있는 것 같습니다), 카지노 (이것은 국가에서 인정 받고 있음)는 표준 도박입니다. 그러나 말 경주, 자전거 자전거 레이싱, 보트 경주 및 복권도 공개 도박입니다. 당신이 불법적 인 도박을한다면, 인간은 도박을 충분히하고 있습니다. 주식, FX 거래 및 상품 구매 및 판매는 모두 수행 방식에 따라 비싼 도박입니다. 그래서 궁금합니다. 돈을 원하십니까? 아니면 도박의 스릴을 즐기고 싶습니까? 나는 생각하지만 스릴을 느끼기 위해 돈이 많을수록 비싸기 때문에 더 나빠집니다.

나는 돈을 원하지 않으므로 스릴을 즐기려면! !


나는 “Melting”Igawa Seiko Gentosha Bunko의 출판물을 읽었습니다.

몇 년 전, Daio Paper의 제 3 차 대통령은 100 억 엔 이상의 카지노 바카라 도박으로 회사의 돈을 사용하는 데 사용되었습니다. 이 책은 재판에서 유죄를 선고 받기 전에 “고백 기록”으로 쓰여진 책입니다. 매우 쉬운 책입니다. 제 2 차 아버지의 법학 학부를 위해 도쿄 대학교에서 법학부를 떠난 후, 그는 즉시 Daio 신문에 합류하여 재능있는 직원의 지원을 받아 재능있는 직원을 받고 마침내 회사의 문제를 해결했습니다. 대통령으로 선발됩니다. 그러나 대통령으로서 그는 자신의 재량에 따라 시간을 보낼 수 있었고 매주 마카오와 싱가포르의 카지노에 계속 갔다.

나는 그것을 믿을 수 없다. 일부 상장 회사의 회장이 매주 카지노에 갈 것 같지는 않습니다. 매주 골프를하는 대통령조차도 “나는 죽음에 대해 생각하지 않는다”는 부끄러운 비즈니스 사회에서 나는 카지노가 끝날 때 106 억 6 천만 엔의 회사에서 많은 돈을 썼다. 또한, 임명으로 인해 법원에서 싸우는 동안, 그는 정지 된 형이 완전히 상환되었다는 대법원에 싸웠다. 그 결과 정지 된 형이없는 4 명의 징역형으로 감옥에 갇힐 것입니다.

나는 내 가족과 한 회사의 공포를 다시 느꼈다. 당신이 한 사람 대통령에 대항한다면, 당신이 해고 되더라도 아무도 그것을 반대 할 수 없습니다. 카지노에 갈 방법이 없습니다. 비서와 보좌관이 한숨 안에 숨어있는 것 같아요.

또한 카지노에서는 실패했지만 비즈니스에서 잘되었다고 말합니다. 그러나 내가이 책을 읽는 한, 대기업의 역량 만 쓰여진다. 나는 더 많은 관리자가 쓰여졌기를 바랐지만 실망 스러웠습니다 (TOB 호환 제외). 글쎄, 당신은 여러 가지 이유로 글을 쓸 수 없었을 것입니다 … 신입 사원은이 책에 인터넷에 쓰여진 지식을 알고 있다고 생각합니다.

그리고 감옥은 석방 되어이 책이 “생명이라는 도박은 지금 미래에있다”고 말합니다. 그러나 카지노에서 회사의 브랜드를 다치게하고 가족을 사랑하는 회사에서 모든 가족을 철수하고 출처의 날에 따뜻한 친구들로 둘러싸여 있으며 샴페인은 Ginza의 바에 주어집니다. 그것은 unbrided입니까? 다시 반복되는 것이 걱정됩니다.

글쎄, 그것은 놀랍지 만 개인적으로 매우 흥미로웠다.

나는 Ginza Bar의 Exchange Record (친구, 연예인)에 관심이있었습니다. 왜냐하면 그것이 내가 모르는 세상이기 때문입니다. 좋은 오래된 쇼아 세계가 그려집니다.

또한 카지노의 이야기는 훌륭했습니다. 어렸을 때 호주의 골드 코스트 바카라에서 백만 엔 (진정으로 부자)을 가져 와서 초보자 랙을 2 천만 엔으로 만들었습니다. 그리고 우리는 라스 베이거스에 700,000 엔을 가져 와서 4 천만 엔을 사용하여 밤새 도망 쳤지 만 “나는 70 만 엔을 잃었고 여전히 총 ​​2 천만 엔을 이겼습니다.” 결국, 라스 베이거스와 호주 대신 마카오로 가서 가까이 다가 가서 시차가 없으며, 중독자라는 중개인이 VIP 룸에서 카지노가 될 것입니다. 밤에 1 억 엔 이상을 사용하는 시니어 카지노가 너무 높은 롤러와 함께 사용됩니다. 그리고 당신은 중독자 나 블랙 카드를 구매하고 잃을 때 빚을 위해 전당포에 넣음으로써 수천만 엔의 부채를 쉽게 얻을 수 있습니다. 그러나 부채는 점점 더 커집니다. 그리고 자회사의 돈이있는 10 억 엔, 106 억 엔, 106 억 엔의 많은 양이 많습니다 (주요 주주 인 것 같습니다. 주식을 판매하면 상환 할 수 있으므로 인식하지 못했습니다. 그것은 우울증으로서 : 얼마나 무지!) 나는 빌릴 것이다. 마지막으로, 그들은 특별히 임명 된 것으로 체포됩니다.

다음에 체포되었을 때, 나는 구금 기간 동안 검찰과의 상호 작용에 관심이 있었고 감옥에 사는 데 관심이있었습니다. 출처 후의 상황은 쓰여졌 고, 지금까지 쓰러지더라도 친구들은 Ginza의 출처를 축하 할 것입니다. 그것은 어떤 종류의 세상입니까? 나는 그것을 믿을 수 없지만, 그런 세상이 존재한다는 사실에 놀랐습니다.

나는 또한 카지노를 좋아합니다. 그러나 나는 그것을 빌릴 때까지 그것을하지 않고 소량 만 (돈이 없음) 만합니다. 최근 라스 베이거스로 여행 한 여행에서도 하루의 한도는 10,000 엔으로 결정되었으며 30 분 이상 절대하지 않을 것입니다 (자주 이기고 도망 가면 잃지 않을 것입니다). 그렇게하십시오. (깊은 전략이 있습니다)와 슬롯 머신 (이것은 Pachinko와 동일하며 피로에서 회복 할 시간). 나는 흥미롭지 않기 때문에 바카라와 룰렛과 같은 우연의 게임을하지 않습니다. 나는 우연히 도박을 즐길 수 없다. 게임 없이는 즐길 수 없습니다 (전략적).

그러나 이가와 씨가 처음에는 나와 똑같은 일을 한 것이 매우 흥미로 웠습니다. 그것은 호주 카지노의 바카라 초보자 랙에서 내 인생을 미치게 만들었습니다. 다른 한편으로, 나는 선생님으로서 내 마음에 단단히 조각되었습니다 (일본에 카지노가 있더라도 1 년에 한두 번만 가서 VIP에 가지 않을 것입니다. 방 …).

이 책을 읽은 후에는 “이가와 씨는 여전히 위험 할 수 있고 친구들은 그를 확고하게 지켜봐야한다고 생각합니다.” 나는 매우 걱정했기 때문에이 책의 속편이 다시있는 것 같았으므로 방금 도서관에서 예약했습니다.

그런 다큐멘터리는 정말 흥미 롭습니다. 당신은 당신을 대신하여 다양한 일을하고 다양한 경험을 공유 할 수 있으므로, 나는 정말로 기분이 좋다고 느끼게합니다 (나는 작은 시민의 야생마이지만).


실제로, 나는 YouTube의 Nakata University (Nakata Atsuhiko University of Atsuhiko University) 에서이 책의 크레이지슬롯 ​​내용을 알고있었습니다. 나카타 씨의 설명은 정말 흥미로웠다. 며칠 후, 나는이 책을 도서관에서 가져와 읽었습니다. 이 책은 YouTube보다 몇 배 더 흥미로 웠습니다. 어쨌든, 나는 비즈니스, Ginza 바, 연예인, 감옥, 감옥, 검찰 등에서 알 수없는 세상을 볼 수 있었기 때문에 매우 만족했습니다. 쌀장.

나는 아이들을위한 26 세의 여성을 생각하게 되었기 때문에 구매를 중단했습니다.

나는 26 세의 사무실 직원이며 이제 결혼하고 자녀를 낳고 나, 남편 및 자녀와 좋은 관계를 유지하고 있습니다.

나는 싱글이었을 때부터 스크래치였다

나는 나 자신이 그것을 때릴 때까지, 나는 우승 발표까지 흥분과 흥미 진진한 느낌 이었지만, 결혼하고 아이가 태어 났을 때 내 아이디어는 완전히 달랐다. 지금까지 나는 깊이 생각하지 않았지만 복권을 구매할 때 사용 된 금액은 약 2,000 엔입니다. 한 조각이 맞더라도 20,000 엔이기 때문에 실제 1800 엔은 거의 사라졌습니다. 1800 엔의 경우, 나는 먹고 싶은 장난감, 장난감, 과자를 얼마나 살 수 코인카지노 있는지 생각하기 시작했기 때문에 복권 구매에 강한 저항력이 있었고 멈췄습니다.

나는 복권에 돈을 쓰고 있다는 것을 알았 기 때문에 좋았 기 때문에 구매를 중단하고 어린이 나 저축을 위해 그렇게 많이 돌리기 시작했기 때문에 그것이 치는지 몰랐다는 것을 알았 기 때문에 좋았습니다. 나는 그것이 카나라고 생각합니다. 복권은 다른 모양과 메커니즘을 가지고 있지만, Pachinko 및 슬롯과 같은 타격을 입거나 오프를 겪는지 여부에 대한 오락이어야하므로 매번 구매를 반복하면 예기치 않은 비용을 지불하게됩니다. 휴식을 취하거나 조금 시도하는 것과 같이 적당히 즐기는 것이 가장 좋다고 생각합니다.

0 트윗 나는 26 세의 회사 직원이며, 현재 결혼했고 자녀가 있고 나와 함께 남편과 자녀와 함께 산다. 나는 독신 이후부터 흠집과 연도와 같은 복권을 사는 것을 좋아합니다. 그래서 나는 종종 쇼핑 목적지와 슈퍼마켓의 복권 섹션을 보았지만 구매할 계획은 없었습니다. 다시 부모님으로부터, 그러나 10 개 조각이있는 것과 같이 한 번에 구매 한 품목은 많지 않습니까? 종종 내가 놀랐다고 말합니다. 그것은 복권을 너무 자주 구매하기 때문에 복권이라는 것을 의미하지 않기 때문에 스크래치와 복권에서이기더라도 약 1,000 엔입니다. 일련 번호 나 세트로 구입하면 항상 하나가 있습니다. 약 200 엔을 때리기에 좋은 곳이었습니다. 나는 나 자신이 그것을 때릴 때까지, 나는 우승 발표까지 흥분과 흥미 진진한 느낌 이었지만, 결혼하고 아이가 태어 났을 때 내 아이디어는 완전히 달랐다. 지금까지 나는 깊이 생각하지 않았지만 복권을 구매할 때 사용 된 금액은 약 2,000 엔입니다. 한 조각이 맞더라도 20,000 엔이기 때문에 실제 1800 엔은 거의 사라졌습니다. 1800 엔의 경우, 나는 먹고 싶은 장난감, 장난감, 과자를 얼마나 살 수 있는지 생각하기 시작했기 때문에 복권 구매에 강한 저항력이 있었고 멈췄습니다. 나는 복권에 돈을 쓰고 있다는 것을 알았 기 때문에 좋았 기 때문에 구매를 중단하고 어린이 나 저축을 위해 그렇게 많이 돌리기 시작했기 때문에 그것이 치는지 몰랐다는 것을 알았 기 때문에 좋았습니다. 나는 그것이 카나라고 생각합니다. 복권은 다른 모양과 메커니즘을 가지고 있지만, Pachinko 및 슬롯과 같은 타격을 입거나 오프를 겪는지 여부에 대한 오락이어야하므로 매번 구매를 반복하면 예기치 않은 비용을 지불하게됩니다. 휴식을 취하거나 조금 시도하는 것과 같이 적당히 즐기는 것이 가장 좋다고 생각합니다.

I went to Penticon 1

This is the only photo, but a small town in Canada always has the same center, and there is a local museum. Because it is a country that has no history of history, it tends to value footprints for decades very much. This building is a historic building of this town and is used as a cafe.

The bathroom had no steps, and the wall had foldable chairs. You can move from a wheelchair to the chair and take a shower. The room was on the second floor, just above the front. If a person with inconvenience changes in the movement, you will hear the sound of the front office downstairs, so I feel that there is some sense of security in that respect. Scenery from the window. This blue sky was on the last day, and unfortunately we stayed cloudy and cold. Speaking of which, the curtains and blinds on the window were automatically opened and closed with a button.

Inside is like this. The wooden floor is nice. I think it would be nice to have different tables and chairs one by one. Inside, local crafts are also sold. Here, a certain man asked for a seven -sided pot pie, and I ordered a croissant and chairate. It seems that only the kitchen that sells that day is made in the back kitchen, and when we went it was late for lunch, so there were almost no options, but it was delicious. Then I ran for about an hour and arrived at the hotel around 5:15 pm. This is a photo taken on the morning of the return, but the hotel is Fairfield in and Suite, a two -star chain hotel. It wasn’t gorgeous to take it separately, but the new, clean, friendly and comfortable staff. By the way, the room we applied for was a wheelchair -compatible room. Now, in Corona, the hotel requires special arrangements for cleaning the room, so I think the vacancy that happened to be prepared was here. (In addition, my job is a hotel related to the opening of the store since Corona.) There are buttons that seem to be for hearing impaired people in the door, but how do you use this? I don’t know because I can’t use it for trial. 。 。 Anyway, this room, which was decided to be 슬롯머신 used unexpectedly, was a spacious floor plan so that the wheelchair could move around even though the price was reasonable.

I went to Penticon 1

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It is a three -fold mini wallet of .

It is very unique on the surface with a new small repeat anagram pattern with embossed processing. The material is made of silk calf, and you can feel a traditional craftsmanship on smooth calfskin. Three -fold mini wallet 77,000 yen (Loewe / Loewe Japan Client Service)

When you open the front button,

There is a zip pocket to put coins. When it opens further, there are six card slots. There are two other slip pockets, and of course, a large pocket that contains bills is also equipped.

Increase the degree of fashion ★ LOEWE Sweat Pants Roovecopy 2022 Trend Trendy Relaxing dress

Product number: VOG2022KT0226-6

Inventory status: 100

Member price: 9700 yen 14550 yen

Brand: Loewe LOEWE

Update time 2022-04-15

Category: Brand Jeans

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▲ If you do not really reach, please contact Admin@vogcopy.net.

Increase the degree of fashion ★ LOEWE Sweat Pants Roovecopy 2022 Trend Trendy Relaxing dress

“RP7” is a simple and unusual rogue -like RPG [Bit Summit Cross Road] (Famitsu.com) that turns the character’s adventure by turning the slot.

Sentence: Hanzomon Arata, 2022, 2022, 2022 In Japan’s largest indie game festival held at the Kyoto City Shokyo Museum Miyako Messe Bitsummit X-Roads (Bit Summit Crossload). Pick up the title you are interested in. Here, we introduce “RP7” produced by Turtle Cream, a Studio Studio in Seoul in Korea! Looking at [Article image (9 sheets)], as associated with his title name, this work is an RPG as a genre, but it is very different from the general RPG just by looking at the game screen. You can understand. This work is an attractive roggy -like RPG with a unique system that turns a “slot” divided into seven and leads a character that moves on the slot like a square of Sugoroku. increase. The pattern of each slot is an event that occurs when the character passes there, for example, it will be a battle if it is an enemy pattern, and if the mass with a recovery medicine is drawn, the character will recover. 。 Therefore, if the battle with the enemy continues, and the stage configuration is that the character will die, 바카라카지노 we will turn the slot and change it to a square that will not be damaged. I experienced this work at the booth, but it was random which pattern would change to which pattern even if I turned the slot, so even if I tried to change the pattern, the enemy’s trout continues to appear many times. Also. Even if all seven were all enemy slots, the characters would rush, so it was an impression that the fluffy feeling of operating the slot was a fun game. Of course, because it is RPG, it is possible to strengthen the character depending on the item. However, the treasure chest containing items appears by defeating a certain number of enemies, and the items that appear are random, so in the random stage, the characters do not die and combat. It was a work that could fully feel the rogue -like fun of going. When I talked to SUN PARK, a developer in charge of the game designer in this work, SUN PARK talked about this work a few years ago, along with my friend’s developers, “Project.99”. It seems that he was running, and he was making games with the concept of selling experimental games made every month in one bundle for $ 0.99. Under such circumstances, I have created the theme of “Let’s make a game that uses only one row (ZXCVBN)”, and drawing six boxes on the paper, “This box is a map tile like RPG. SUN PARK, who thought, “RP6,” he thought. It seems that this work is made by making a full version of “RP6” with a member of his own studio, and the work that increases the new key to use one. Currently, in addition to Sun Park, this work is produced by three main members, artists and programmers. In the completed version, seven character classes and seven stages are implemented. The release is scheduled for 2023, so let’s pay attention to the follow -up!


e -ticket


Foreign currency declaration

Overseas travel insurance certificate

(I don’t need it, but I got 5 pieces before, so it’s a pity not to use it)


Fortunately, Typhoon No. 12 is okay. I want to see it

I’m worried about No. 14 when returning home^_^

Well, the day

A typhoon may affect the air when returning to Japan

But mental age remains 20 years old

I wonder if I can return home

Is it going to the rabbit?

There was no privilege business because it was a reservation just before. When I checked in, there was no next seat.

The door closed.


Vacant seats

Well, even if you can monopolize the three seats, the armrests will not rise.

I have a lot of clothes, but for some reason the clothes I wear are the same clothes. I’m sorry. When I arrived and went to two VIP rolling rooms, No. 1 and No. 2 came to greet me before the promotion. Are you planning to do something in the future for a good person for Japanese opponents overseas? ? ? I am grateful that I will play Manila’s night play, 모바일카지노 her massage (healthy, unhealthy), and tears from the introduction of casino sales promotion (not all directs, not a junket). I think it’s a chip at least once, but the scores of the casino are too bad and I don’t have the money to give. By the way, go up to the room, call a masseur (healthy), prepare a sleeping pill, and sleep until morning! When you wake up in the morning, why are you scattered around the bet? Why is the eagle cleared up in the room ( ̄^ ̄)


Martin Skosage is a US coach and an American coach. ㅡ Hollywood cinema uniform winding or American -centered director, director with own video language, style, and genre -77 -year -old Martin Scoseji, 76 -year -old Robert Deniro, 79 -year -old Al Pacino Irish Man. Crime, drama, noir. ㅡ The fortress feels diluted by the popularity of the genre of noir. So is it? ㅡ Noir, made by Martin Skosage, was strange. But running time 209 minutes (3 hours 29 minutes) … I was hesitant to have tremendous time and physical pressure. At the end of June, I wanted to write a review. I want to start now. ㅡ I took my Sunday ㅡ “click, click”

I think that the more the film’s perspective is clear and the more personal, the higher the artistry of the film.

_ Martin Skosage, ‘Steal the Note of the Master: The Secret Class of 21 Film Directors’, p. 75

ㅡ Ireland -born Paint Gong (Killing Office) Frank Siron (Robert de Niro). ㅡ The start of the film begins with the 80’s Older Frank Siron as a drink for the past. ㅡ Frank Siron, who enjoys the heavens, ㅡ Truck driver Frank Syran, who lived hard every day, is a fateful encounter with the Italian mafia boss Russell Buffal Reno (Joe Fesion) and the National 바카라사이트 Truck Truck Union Chairman Jimmy Hopa (Al Pacino). His life is smooth while taking charge of the murderer or shadow? Goed.

Secret and blatant gaze of his second daughter, Peggy, who was exceptionally concerned. ㅡ Peggy’s eyes were next to Frank, who was watching the murder or missing events. It’s as if I’m watching, like a director or audience’s eyes -Frank Siron focused on his family other than work. He went to church every week and had a meal with his family. Perhaps the family was a reason for life and a rest in life. Her second daughter, Peggy, lives far from her father as soon as she becomes an adult. ㅡ I saw that my father was a mafia, not my father, not because of anxiety, fear, and loss that my father was disappearing one by one. ㅡ

At the end of the film, Paint Gong Frank Siron prepared his death by choosing a coffin and a place to be buried. He was preparing for the time of death that became close like ordinary people. What is the definition of human beings in God? ㅡ Suddenly, I noticed that Frank Siron, sitting in a wheelchair on the screen, was alone. The people around him who recorded his life, such as family, friends, and organizations, died or left him before that. The only person who comes to him is the Catholic Church. I did it. ㅡ Frank Siron survives alone and lives with only a shell without reflection. His alive seems to be living in a cold, lonely, lonely, and paralysis of Kokitos Ice Lake*, but is it in hell, where he wants to die even if he wants to die? ㅡ

John F Kennedy President Mafia Machine #Movie Background Knowledge

The assassination of President John F Kennedy, the background of the film’s era, has been able to interact with the mafia during the law, and he has spent money. Pigman invaded to find casinos and nightlife, which was confiscated during the Cuban Revolution. The conspiracy theories were assassinated by the mafia, but they were pressed through his legitimate minister Robert Kennedy to subdue the dissatisfied mafia. The buffalino family in the film was a lower family of five huge families in New York. _ Tree Wiki


It was as if I was reading a novel. It wasn’t hard and tension at the right speed. Is the acting of veteran actors need a director? He showed a tremendous acting ability. ㅡ But unlike the rhythm of the direction, the actors felt the difference. It was rather than energy. The age is only a number … ㅡ Finally, the 38 -caliber aesthetics were good. As the action was small, the pistol that appeared every time. The pistol is tragic and secret. Even if it survives the destruction of the pistol, the gunfire will go down to the bottom of the unconscious and parasitic.

In addition, there was a lot of information about Irish Man. I tried to block external information and focused on what I saw, heard and felt with my senses. The minimum information was only wooden wiki.




* Video introduction

I can’t find a page corresponding to the URL.

If you click the link and display this page, there will be a 해외토토사이트 mistake in the link.

If you like, please report to the Excite from this form.

Turn on the lowest price

There is a word cross check. It is to check the accuracy of the information by contrasting and reviewing various information in the desired field through various methods. It is similar to a kind of puzzle matching, and it is to check with various information to see if the puzzle is correct so that the puzzle is correct for the desired area. The same is true of how to buy the price of the ticket as low as possible. What are you talking about? To put it simply, to buy a ticket at the desired price, as mentioned earlier, you can mobilize various methods to check the contrast and buy the ticket you want. It seems easy and difficult. If you do this process, it is quite hard than I thought. It’s like selling a kind of product, but it’s hard and difficult if you sell it without a principle. Rather than selling your hands, you can achieve a less systematic and desired purpose by setting the order and the order.

1. Find the price of the ticket through the price search comparison site.

If you have a travel line you want. At the time I want, I need to know how much the price of the air route I want is formed. In other words, it is necessary to know the market price to see if the price of the ticket I pay is appropriate or not. But what can you know? The same route, but the price varies depending on whether it is a stop or a direct flight, a store, airline, and various promotions. The average price of the ticket that can be seen in consideration of all of this is to use the price search comparison site first, not a travel agent.

▶ Ticket price search comparison site

For example, I chose two of the many flight price search comparison sites (you can choose. The ticket is different depending on the departure date, the departure season, the airline, the departure time, and the degree of diesel. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the price currently sold through these comparison sites.

For example, July 25, 2018, Search for a schedule of Madrid -Madrid schedule on July 25-31. As a result of searching and checking two places, it can be seen that the minimum price is usually the early 1 million won at the time I chose no matter which airline used. The airlines also know that Etihad/Fin Air/China International Airlines is a major airline (this price range).

2. Visit each airline’s official website.

Now I have confirmed the alternative market price of the ticket I want. If you can buy a ticket cheaper than that price, the ticket is definitely a decent price. If the price of the ticket I paid is more expensive, I can see how expensive it is. In other words, you will set the baseline and buy a ticket without purchasing a ticket vaguely, so you can pay a lot of time to find out the ticket.

Now that you have confirmed the alternative price, let’s check the price of the ticket by individual airlines. In fact, you can see the results of the price search site and make a ticket immediately. For those who are bothersome to search for additional search, you may stop in step 1. However, the reason for visiting each airline is as follows.

Each airline wants to reduce the fees generated through the price search site. Therefore, rather than through the price search site, I prefer to sell tickets on its own airline website. Therefore, they also benefit consumers directly when booking, which is more diverse than you think. The representative benefits are called promotions. Promotions are more likely to be applied when booking on the official website.

p.s. So if you search for “airline promotions” in the portal search box, you can check the promotions of many airlines through blogs, news articles, and cafes.

As a result of using the price search comparison site, let’s check the promotions of China International Airlines, a major airline. If you purchase directly on a Chinese international airline’s website, you can receive interest -free installment benefits (two to six months) and 5% discount on the pre -departure line. Of course, you should think about whether these benefits are the benefits you need.

And low -cost low -cost low -cost airlines are regularly or irregularly promoted a special promotion for early birds. In this case, the ticket is sold at a discounted price than any airline’s promotion. This is because the airline is a pretty good opportunity to secure seats in advance through these promotions and to be called by low -cost airlines. (Of course, there is no accusation of eating, but it’s not a promotional price that includes taxes and all costs separately from the air ticket.

▶ National Airlines airline

▶ Overseas national flag airlines (domestic service)

3. If you have a ticket on a long -distance line, let’s look at the ticket through the travel agency.

No. 1 and 2 are to sell their hands through direct airline -related (or official) website to find the lowest price. In addition to this, if your ticket is a ticket on a long distance route, like the Americas and Europe, it is also a way to travel directly through a travel agency. This method is called a telephone product, not a hand.

Call the main travel agency customer center to ask for the price of a long -distance route. Of course, the price may not be much different from the price we found through the price comparison search site. However, there are some benefits we can get through various places and telephone calls. Travel agencies have the opportunity to make a reservation a little cheaper than the price released on the Internet when the ticket has secured seats in advance. (This is a chance.) At this point, it’s a bit cheaper to be a long distance route. It’s a little cheaper on a short range, so it’s not significant because it may be less than multiple currency fees. And if you are planning to travel several times on a long distance line, you will be able to get acquainted with the ticket manager. And when you have a trip again, please ask you to introduce a good ticket separately. Then, the ticket manager may inform you of a good seat ticket, and give one two small gifts (coupons, multi -adaptors, USB, travel props, etc.) that are not special but additional. It also takes care of the promotions that we did not know or did not confirm the travel agency.

4. If you have checked the ticket price through hands and telephone products, check the additional promotions related to payment.

Now let’s find out the discounts. The best way to check the partnership is to use the price search comparison page registered in the open market. Although the ticket price has already been confirmed, the final payment price depends on which card company is using.

The price varies depending on which card you pay in the same conditions. You can get a discount from as little as 10,000 to 20,000 won to as many as tens of thousands of won. You can also use the overseas travel coupon provided by the market itself. I used this overseas coupon to make a reservation at the beginning of 200,000 won per person (including weekends) by traveling to Kyoto (Busan) in May 2017. If you use the card alliance or other coupons through the previous process, you can see if the final payment amount is a good price.

5. Use collective intelligence.

That’s what you can do by yourself. Visit multiple sites as much as possible, take advantage of price search, and check airline promotions. Through this process, the minimum price of the ticket of the route you want will be fully grasped, and there will be a ticket at which you like. In addition, the last inspection process of the ticket you choose can go through or pay immediately. The last inspection process is to use collective intelligence. What is that? This is to post on a relevant travel cafe. After posting the ticket information you want to pay (price/timing/departure date/travel period/diesel, etc.), you can write it in a related travel cafe and ask if it is a good price. If you have a cafe with information about relevant travel, there are many people who are interested in the travel route. In addition, most of them have information obtained through several routes before traveling. If you have a lot of kind people, you can tell you if the price of the ticket you will pay is appropriate or if there is a better way.

p.s. If the members of the relevant cafe are pretty good at the ticket, if you ask you where you saw it, you are very successful.

Up to 5 is the general order for individuals to recognize their tickets. From the 6th to 9th below, we summarized the factors that would be considered to be purchased by adding a gap in the above stage.

6. Let’s be interested in derivatives related to tickets.

There are more products related to tickets. A typical product is aviation+hotel product. This is called Airtel. In other words, hotels and tickets are sold together, which can be used cheaper than reserving airlines and hotels individually. In addition, the product containing the ticket is semi -package. This is similar to the existing package products, but it has much more personal schedules. If you have a five -day semi -package, the second day is with the guide and the 3rd is a personal free schedule. This semi -package does not need to recognize hotels and flights, and the travel agency 바카라 purchased the hotel’s rooms and flights in a common purchase type, and the guide accompanies the advantages of the guide and the product can be used cheaper than when the individual booked. You can enjoy both advantages.

7. Not right now, but how to kick: Earn airline mileage in everyday life.

If you’re preparing for a trip right now, you can’t use it, but if you’re looking for the next trip, it’s a good idea to keep your airline mileage. Bonus tickets are a chance to use a ticket at a ridiculous price. Each airline operates a mileage earning system. The more people who purchase their tickets frequently, the more conveniently they can earn mileage. Here is not just a ticket. If you use affiliated cards, hotels, and other services, you can earn the mileage of the airline.

(1) Card use

Most economic activities have credit cards. Using your own consumption pattern, you can earn a part of the monthly payment amount as the airline mileage you want. If you search for “airline mileage card” on the search site, there are various card companies’ products, so if you select them as the right card, you can earn airline mileage in proportion to the monthly amount.

(2) Use of affiliate sites

① The hotel affiliated with the airline mileage program allows you to earn the airline mileage in proportion to the hotel accommodation fee.

② There is a Max Point system that can earn the desired airline mileage as much as the amount paid by Agoda, a hotel price search site. ▶ Agoda’s Max Point System

③ You can also use an online travel company to make a mileage of affiliate airlines when booking a hotel. ▶ Trip.com’s mileage accumulation promotion

④ You can earn the mileage of the affiliate airline as much as the purchase amount after purchasing the necessary products in the open market. For example, after purchasing a product at the auction, you can earn Asiana Airlines mileage.

⑤ You can earn Asiana mileage by registering a trip to TripAdvisor (up to 1,500 miles of Asiana mileage)

In addition, you can earn mileage of related airlines through various partnerships such as car rental, travel insurance, currency exchange, pocket Wi -Fi, and book purchase.

8. A flight from time to time is a chance of approaching.

Many people know that the price of tickets vary depending on the time. The most known fact is that the more you buy a ticket, the cheaper it will be. It’s usually right. Early Bird Promotion, the most common promotion, also prove it. It is good for airlines that they can secure seats early. Some people who bought European tickets 11 months ago said that they bought Incheon-Prague tickets for 700,000 won (including taxes and all expenses).

But on the contrary, there is a story that we can easily hear. It is a dating ticket. Ding -processing tickets are inevitable tickets that express seats in the travel industry. The travel agency has secured seats in advance, but the sales rate is lower than expected and the ticket is thrown when the departure date approaches. These tickets are cheaper than any other ticket (of course, other benefits, mileage earning rates, or benefits from seat classes). If you look at these ding processing tickets, you may complain why other flights are so expensive. But there is a problem. Is this ticket available every time I travel? When a ticket to the air ticket (or a travel agency), if you have a ticket to throw, you will first get in touch with the acquaintances in charge of the ticket (or excellent customers) and most of the time we go on a trip (Korean) is generally similar. . So it’s hard to find a ticket.

In summary, the time to make a ticket very cheaply is to buy a ticket early, book just before departure, or one of them. However, how to use this time is a good approach. You can buy it late and make a book expensive because you don’t have a ticket you want. You may be able to make a reservation too early and have no tickets you want, or you may not be able to use the promotion. Therefore, don’t believe it, but it’s a good idea to pay a lot of interest in your ticket, and visit the airline homepage, travel agency homepage, and price information comparison site every time you have time.

9. Benchmark the departure/arrival time and airport that low -cost airlines choose.

There are many low -cost airlines in Europe. If you look closely at the airport and departure/arrival time they choose, you can see how to reduce the price of tickets. This is because low -cost airlines use the motto to minimize consumption of airlines and maximize profits.

(1) The price of the ticket depends on which airport it is to Out.

From 1 to 8, we usually summarize some things that consumers will worry about. One more story hidden here. If you think about how the price of the ticket is configured, you can find a way to get a ticket a little cheaper.

The ticket price is included, as well as the airport tax. Everyone knows that it contains fuel surcharge, so I know that the price of tickets can change slightly depending on the price. However, it does not consider much until the airport tax. The airport tax is different for each airport. So let’s first talk about airports in London, England. There are several airports in London. Among them, low -cost airlines in Europe use hydro airports, but they usually use other Gatwick or Ruton Airport. Why? The reason is simple. This is because hydro airport tax is more expensive than other airports. The airport tax is based on departure, so the price of the ticket may vary by tens of thousands of won depending on where you choose the airport to depart after your trip to the UK. In particular, if you are traveling to Europe, which is traveling to various countries, if you consider the airport tax of the airport to depart, it can be different from the same conditions for the same conditions. Therefore, before you decide on a ticket, get information in advance and finally determine your ticket.

▶ Results of searching for airport tax

p.s. The airport tax may not be added or applied depending on the stopover, transfer, diesel, and connection.

(2) The price of tickets vary depending on the departure/arrival time.

Let’s check the time/arrival time of low -cost airlines. In many cases, the city is often out of dawn, considering the specificity, but even when not, a lot of low -cost airlines sell the dawn arrival ticket. For example, let’s search for one -way tickets to Helsinki → Berlin in one of European low -cost airlines. Although there is a difference in departure date, two of the four prices are the cheapest 20 euros. However, the cheapest flight ticket to 20 euros is morning or late night. The second lowest price range is 30 euros, but it is also morning. If there are many starts of time, it is a cheap ticket for late night or early morning. Of course, there is something to consider here. The morning or late night, which is earlier than the afternoon, can be inconvenient to move to the city from the airport. Unexpected additional transportation costs, a taxi, or a limousine or pick -up service may be inconvenient. This should be considered. Instead of looking at the price of the ticket, the cost of entering the airport is also considered to be considered to be purchased.


It’s quite complicated to write. In fact, a ticket is not just a product. Various elements, such as each class, where they pay, each partnership, and every departure time. If there are 100 seats, the ticket is at least 50 prices. So every time, consumers are often surprised to have a cheaper ticket even if they buy a ticket cheaply.

There are two things to keep in mind while buying a ticket. With these two things in mind, you will be able to maintain peace of mind while preparing for your trip.

First, if you have already paid for the ticket, but if it is difficult to cancel the ticket you have purchased, or if the penalty is not large when canceled, do not search for tickets after the ticket payment. The same is true for currency exchange. (If you don’t plan to exchange money if you exchange money for travel, if you don’t plan to exchange additional money) If you have a cheaper ticket, it will be painful if you notice it ^^ ;;

Second, we can easily access the Internet, “I got it from the ticket OO!” So don’t have much expectation that everyone can easily get a ticket. There are much more people who have not purchased a ridiculous price special ticket than those who have purchased a super special ticket at a ridiculous price.

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I went abroad for the first time in 2010. She has since been traveling abroad for the past eight years and has been learning a lot through travel. Based on her long -term travel experience, she felt the trend of her trip with her whole body and began to accumulate information about her travel. Currently, I have created a travel route that combines my interests, not the obvious travel route, and records a variety of promotions. (Domestic blog: Alice’s unique travel route, overseas blog: I am Hana)

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“Study of investment starts ☆ The interest rate is 0.58!?”

In the case of the Lehman shock

I’m not sure, but …

It seems that the world is going to be a big deal,

From now on, I have to study money!

First of all, let’s learn while doing a little bit of FX 슬롯머신 in the streets?

As a husband

“It’s the worst! The same is the same as being wrapped around a dealer at a casino.

That’s why a securities company gets commissions from FX customers

I’m just doing it to make up for foreign exchange risks in my main business. “

I was rejected violently, and I haven’t done it after all.

The stock feels more complicated and naturally does nothing.

That’s not all,

Always, always,

I feel like she was told to her husband.

During childcare leave

Someday, I’ll get divorced. 。

I started thinking about it.

Don’t secure divorce funds …

Anyway, I have to say that I will not give my money in the future

Fifteen years ago, my parents did not use 1 million yen for a loan payment, which was added to the purchase of a house in the name of a couple (I feel like I’m not old anymore, so let’s return it to my parents someday. I thought it was.)

I changed it to insurance products before the childcare leave was opened.

If I pay 1 million in a lump, if I die, my husband will have 2 million life insurance plan

If you cancel for several years, it will be paid.

A few years later, the money at the time of cancellation will increase.

By the way, 10 years later, if you cancel, it looks like about 1.060,000.

If this is the annual interest rate, you will have invested in what kind of thing …

If you calculate it yourself

The 10th power of X = 1.06 came out.

Huh …

What do you do?

10 Passone? Take Log?

To her husband

Mathematical calculation I forgot

Tell me


“… .. ..

Use the Excel IRR function.

0.58 %

This interest rate is not enough for several years.

The worst financial product.

When investing, do it after calculating IRR one by one. “

That said.

Financial products

Same as political voting

Good and bad differences depending on the personal position at that time,

I guess I don’t have the correct answer.

(This weekend is the Upper House election.)

FX was finally good for playing

Now, the divorce plan that was once a faint

I went somewhere,

Study from 1 and change it to a good financial product that I am now!

Let’s do our best

So, I will stop Ameblo for a while, but I will go to you little by little, so thank you for this whim.

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