I went to Penticon 1

This is the only photo, but a small town in Canada always has the same center, and there is a local museum. Because it is a country that has no history of history, it tends to value footprints for decades very much. This building is a historic building of this town and is used as a cafe.

The bathroom had no steps, and the wall had foldable chairs. You can move from a wheelchair to the chair and take a shower. The room was on the second floor, just above the front. If a person with inconvenience changes in the movement, you will hear the sound of the front office downstairs, so I feel that there is some sense of security in that respect. Scenery from the window. This blue sky was on the last day, and unfortunately we stayed cloudy and cold. Speaking of which, the curtains and blinds on the window were automatically opened and closed with a button.

Inside is like this. The wooden floor is nice. I think it would be nice to have different tables and chairs one by one. Inside, local crafts are also sold. Here, a certain man asked for a seven -sided pot pie, and I ordered a croissant and chairate. It seems that only the kitchen that sells that day is made in the back kitchen, and when we went it was late for lunch, so there were almost no options, but it was delicious. Then I ran for about an hour and arrived at the hotel around 5:15 pm. This is a photo taken on the morning of the return, but the hotel is Fairfield in and Suite, a two -star chain hotel. It wasn’t gorgeous to take it separately, but the new, clean, friendly and comfortable staff. By the way, the room we applied for was a wheelchair -compatible room. Now, in Corona, the hotel requires special arrangements for cleaning the room, so I think the vacancy that happened to be prepared was here. (In addition, my job is a hotel related to the opening of the store since Corona.) There are buttons that seem to be for hearing impaired people in the door, but how do you use this? I don’t know because I can’t use it for trial. 。 。 Anyway, this room, which was decided to be 슬롯머신 used unexpectedly, was a spacious floor plan so that the wheelchair could move around even though the price was reasonable.

I went to Penticon 1

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It is a three -fold mini wallet of .

It is very unique on the surface with a new small repeat anagram pattern with embossed processing. The material is made of silk calf, and you can feel a traditional craftsmanship on smooth calfskin. Three -fold mini wallet 77,000 yen (Loewe / Loewe Japan Client Service)

When you open the front button,

There is a zip pocket to put coins. When it opens further, there are six card slots. There are two other slip pockets, and of course, a large pocket that contains bills is also equipped.

Increase the degree of fashion ★ LOEWE Sweat Pants Roovecopy 2022 Trend Trendy Relaxing dress

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Increase the degree of fashion ★ LOEWE Sweat Pants Roovecopy 2022 Trend Trendy Relaxing dress