“CSM Axel Driver Ver.1.5 Wind City Detective Edition” Reservation Started “Terui Ryu” Shin Furukawa’s voice “Despair is your goal” (Oricon)

Bandai Too Division will start accepting reservations for “CSM Axel Driver Ver.1.5 Wind City Detective EDITION” (19,800 yen including tax / shipping, extra fee) at 4:00 pm on the 20th. [Photo] CSM Axel Driver Ver.1.5 Contents of the Detective EDITION Contents Broadcasted in 2009 To commemorate the start of the animation distribution and broadcast of the manga “Kazetsu Detective”, which will be a regular edition of the special effects drama “Kamen Rider W” “CSM Axel Driver Ver.1.5 Detective Edition” will be released from the COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION (abbreviation: CSM) for adults. “CSM Axel Driver Ver.1.5 Wind City Detective Edition” is a product specification based on the “CSM Axel Driver” sold in 2013. Like the “CSM Axel Driver” sold in 2013, the grip is made of rubber material. The 슬롯머신 clutch lever uses a die -cast. The attached accelerator memory and engine memory are special specifications that include Ryu Terui (voice: Shin Furukawa), which appear in the anime “Kazetsu Detective”. The exterior uses a hologram sticker. Press the Gaiaemori button to set it in the center slot, and when the right grip is rotated, the transformation sound is activated. By pressing and holding the Gaia Memory button, it can be switched to the dialogue mode. In the dialogue mode, according to the transformation and the special move, the lineage of Ryu Terui sounds, such as “Let’s shake off!” And “Despair is your goal.”

After all, we didn’t know how to play. Still talk to friends and say that Las Vegas was the most fun. He was not really fun. We are poor doctors who are minimum wages, so there was no money to see great shows or spend hours in the casino. So we decided to do something else

Go to SkyPod and look down at Las Vegas

In & & Out Burger Try

Take a picture in front of Las Vegas sign

Play in the pool

Las Vegas

If you go to Sky Pod, there is an observation deck on the roof and a ride. Las Vegas is very open and good at a glance.

The 메리트카지노 strip, a big road that penetrates Vegas, is also at a glance. At the top of this sky pot is a terrible ride. If you ride a blue dragon train (it is called a blue dragon train nowadays …? ㅋㅋㅋ) The train sends the train from the rooftop, but it is not completely falling like a gyro drop, but just built up vertically. I wasn’t scared of the ride, but I was a little scared to see it.

In & Out Burger was not in our neighborhood and was only in the west. I heard rumors and deliberately spent time and had lunch. I was less than expected. Compared to the price, the taste is clearly the best. Real Five Guys John Tang. By the way, I can’t find a picture taken in In & Out.

I took a picture in front of the famous Vegas sign. Here is a volunteer or a person hired by the city, or there’s a guide. When people come to take a picture, they line up. If you are standing in line, you will organize your surroundings to take a picture in front of the sign, and take a very kindly photograph. Really good idea!

Shimone, who burned me, is a gay, but the exercise is so hard that I work too hard. I followed Simone in my first grade, including me, George, Matt, and Arun. A month after the beginning, Hyungjin’s brother and Jooo were together 2-3 times and did not come out. We followed a crazy exercise program called P90X that Arun brought, and how hard it was … George, Matt, Hyungjin brother, and Juo four people were hard enough to see blood when urinating. Huh Heo Huh, the only person who didn’t see it, Simone, Arun, and me, but we didn’t laugh for the first month. The stomach is so sweet.

Personally, the most fun thing in Las Vegas was to play volleyball in the pool. We may not play, but the arts and arts are not else. Really, we threw balls, but no one thrown properly and no one received it properly. Nevertheless, it was exciting to be able to swim in March in August. Yufu ~

Most of the hotels in Las Vegas have a kind of theme. Every hotel is decorated like a small theme park, and I was surprised to make it better than I thought. The pyramids and Sphinx were a bit coarse, but Venice was really neatly decorated. Simone was an Italian, so I admired it. Did you do better than I thought? saying

At night, I went to the club to go to the club and went to the strip. If we don’t know how much we’ve played, we didn’t find any club. I went to the hotel that was famous in the strip, but I only saw a club with a strip show, and I couldn’t find the club that was just dancing. Eventually, everyone came back to the hostel at dawn. We can’t play the club in the world.

Like Las Vegas, there were quite a lot of strip clubs, which is a strip club for women like Magic Mike. One unusual thing is that all stripper men pretend to be Australians or Australians. This is because it advertises “Thunder from Down Under”. Down Under usually means Australia, which means “below ~”. Seeing this, Shimone shed a saliva ㅋㅋ We started teasing Tom, who was from Australia. Tom was tall but thin and white, but it was so contrary to that picture, so it was called Thunder.