About pachinko’s “strike” problem (Takashi Kiso) –Apiring

From the Internet media, the following reports are spreading and the pachinko industry is shaking. Below, reprint from Netorabo.

Suspicion of Sakura recruitment of Sakura for the store manager in a major pachinko chain in Osaka Http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20170206-00000054- IT_NLAB-SCI Pachinko Hall Chain On February 4, he apologized on the official website for an employee doing inappropriate acts. It seems that the suspicion of recruitment of Sakura (kid), a manager exposed on the net, is related. The trigger was an exchange on LINE exposed on the net. The person who seems to be the manager of the Badio Yokozumi store was asking if he could make a child, saying, “Let’s make money with slots and body!”

It is said that the facts are currently being confirmed based on the public relations by pachinko chain -zero radio, which operates the store, and it is still unknown whether the content reported is all accurate, but at least business employees. He acknowledges that the staff had any inappropriate acts, and it seems that there was some problem, regardless of the content reported or all. However, this report was very shocking for the industry, but the Radio Group is a quasi -large company that is generally known as a good business, and is an employee under innovative managers. He was famous for his focus on education. In the industry, it is a very painful problem.

By the way, regarding the “strike child” that is a problem in this case, it is broadly divided into several types. The first type is recruited as a member of the “group hitting” that tries to gain gain in the form of a player side and occupying an advantageous gaming machine. However, in fact, most of this kind of recruitment has recently been set with winning law fraud, and when I contacted me as a “guarantee high income”, I contacted me, “It is highly confidential. In order to be a friend who shares the winning method, it is necessary to pay a deposit to pay the deposit. ” Also, even if the above -mentioned money payment is not required, a person who claims to be a “store -related person” has appeared after doing some work as a “strike child” and “Your illegal. Various derivative tricks have occurred, such as being threatened by the action.

On the other hand, apart from the “strike” where such players perform the organization, it is not so many cases, but unfortunately, there is a “strike” in the industry that the store recruits as cherry blossoms. It is a fact (although industry groups are absolutely not allowed). This kind of “Toshiko” is a recruitment by the store for the so -called “ball -ball feeling”, and the store sits on a gaming machine that has been set in advance as a cherry blossom. From the perspective of other customers, at first glance, I feel that this store is quite out, but on the other hand, only the Sakura hired by the store is actually sitting on the “stand out”, and the return to the customer is returned. It is thought that it is not done at all, and it is likely that fraudulent crimes or at least “sales acts that significantly fuel customers’ gambling” will be questioned.

And the event that exists at the end is exactly the case that occurred on the radio this time. As evidence of this “accusation”, the manager who is said to have performed inappropriate acts in exchanges with a message application that has been circulating in partially circulating is for the recruitment of the recruitment of being fraudulent of the greed for personal entertainment. It suggests. This kind of “strike” is a position where you can know the highly operating secret, “Game Machinery Settings”, to “remove money from the store by colluding with outsiders. It is a thing, and it is established by having the high setting table hit by the breathtaking “patch” and splitting the profit. Naturally, this 카지노 kind of thing is also a business appointment, and it is highly likely that illegality will be questioned.

In this issue, it is not an organizational fraud, but it has already been suggested by the outflow image that the store manager is an unauthorized fraud, so in that respect it is fortunate to be unhappy for the radio that operates the store. 。 It may be less damaged by the industry in the pachinko industry, but the radio introduced at the beginning is powerful in employee education in the industry, as introduced at the beginning. It may be honest that it is known as a good company to enter, and it is honest that “Is this possible on that radio?”

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