“RP7” is a simple and unusual rogue -like RPG [Bit Summit Cross Road] (Famitsu.com) that turns the character’s adventure by turning the slot.

Sentence: Hanzomon Arata, 2022, 2022, 2022 In Japan’s largest indie game festival held at the Kyoto City Shokyo Museum Miyako Messe Bitsummit X-Roads (Bit Summit Crossload). Pick up the title you are interested in. Here, we introduce “RP7” produced by Turtle Cream, a Studio Studio in Seoul in Korea! Looking at [Article image (9 sheets)], as associated with his title name, this work is an RPG as a genre, but it is very different from the general RPG just by looking at the game screen. You can understand. This work is an attractive roggy -like RPG with a unique system that turns a “slot” divided into seven and leads a character that moves on the slot like a square of Sugoroku. increase. The pattern of each slot is an event that occurs when the character passes there, for example, it will be a battle if it is an enemy pattern, and if the mass with a recovery medicine is drawn, the character will recover. 。 Therefore, if the battle with the enemy continues, and the stage configuration is that the character will die, 바카라카지노 we will turn the slot and change it to a square that will not be damaged. I experienced this work at the booth, but it was random which pattern would change to which pattern even if I turned the slot, so even if I tried to change the pattern, the enemy’s trout continues to appear many times. Also. Even if all seven were all enemy slots, the characters would rush, so it was an impression that the fluffy feeling of operating the slot was a fun game. Of course, because it is RPG, it is possible to strengthen the character depending on the item. However, the treasure chest containing items appears by defeating a certain number of enemies, and the items that appear are random, so in the random stage, the characters do not die and combat. It was a work that could fully feel the rogue -like fun of going. When I talked to SUN PARK, a developer in charge of the game designer in this work, SUN PARK talked about this work a few years ago, along with my friend’s developers, “Project.99”. It seems that he was running, and he was making games with the concept of selling experimental games made every month in one bundle for $ 0.99. Under such circumstances, I have created the theme of “Let’s make a game that uses only one row (ZXCVBN)”, and drawing six boxes on the paper, “This box is a map tile like RPG. SUN PARK, who thought, “RP6,” he thought. It seems that this work is made by making a full version of “RP6” with a member of his own studio, and the work that increases the new key to use one. Currently, in addition to Sun Park, this work is produced by three main members, artists and programmers. In the completed version, seven character classes and seven stages are implemented. The release is scheduled for 2023, so let’s pay attention to the follow -up!


e -ticket


Foreign currency declaration

Overseas travel insurance certificate

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The door closed.


Vacant seats

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