Martin Skosage is a US coach and an American coach. ㅡ Hollywood cinema uniform winding or American -centered director, director with own video language, style, and genre -77 -year -old Martin Scoseji, 76 -year -old Robert Deniro, 79 -year -old Al Pacino Irish Man. Crime, drama, noir. ㅡ The fortress feels diluted by the popularity of the genre of noir. So is it? ㅡ Noir, made by Martin Skosage, was strange. But running time 209 minutes (3 hours 29 minutes) … I was hesitant to have tremendous time and physical pressure. At the end of June, I wanted to write a review. I want to start now. ㅡ I took my Sunday ㅡ “click, click”

I think that the more the film’s perspective is clear and the more personal, the higher the artistry of the film.

_ Martin Skosage, ‘Steal the Note of the Master: The Secret Class of 21 Film Directors’, p. 75

ㅡ Ireland -born Paint Gong (Killing Office) Frank Siron (Robert de Niro). ㅡ The start of the film begins with the 80’s Older Frank Siron as a drink for the past. ㅡ Frank Siron, who enjoys the heavens, ㅡ Truck driver Frank Syran, who lived hard every day, is a fateful encounter with the Italian mafia boss Russell Buffal Reno (Joe Fesion) and the National 바카라사이트 Truck Truck Union Chairman Jimmy Hopa (Al Pacino). His life is smooth while taking charge of the murderer or shadow? Goed.

Secret and blatant gaze of his second daughter, Peggy, who was exceptionally concerned. ㅡ Peggy’s eyes were next to Frank, who was watching the murder or missing events. It’s as if I’m watching, like a director or audience’s eyes -Frank Siron focused on his family other than work. He went to church every week and had a meal with his family. Perhaps the family was a reason for life and a rest in life. Her second daughter, Peggy, lives far from her father as soon as she becomes an adult. ㅡ I saw that my father was a mafia, not my father, not because of anxiety, fear, and loss that my father was disappearing one by one. ㅡ

At the end of the film, Paint Gong Frank Siron prepared his death by choosing a coffin and a place to be buried. He was preparing for the time of death that became close like ordinary people. What is the definition of human beings in God? ㅡ Suddenly, I noticed that Frank Siron, sitting in a wheelchair on the screen, was alone. The people around him who recorded his life, such as family, friends, and organizations, died or left him before that. The only person who comes to him is the Catholic Church. I did it. ㅡ Frank Siron survives alone and lives with only a shell without reflection. His alive seems to be living in a cold, lonely, lonely, and paralysis of Kokitos Ice Lake*, but is it in hell, where he wants to die even if he wants to die? ㅡ

John F Kennedy President Mafia Machine #Movie Background Knowledge

The assassination of President John F Kennedy, the background of the film’s era, has been able to interact with the mafia during the law, and he has spent money. Pigman invaded to find casinos and nightlife, which was confiscated during the Cuban Revolution. The conspiracy theories were assassinated by the mafia, but they were pressed through his legitimate minister Robert Kennedy to subdue the dissatisfied mafia. The buffalino family in the film was a lower family of five huge families in New York. _ Tree Wiki


It was as if I was reading a novel. It wasn’t hard and tension at the right speed. Is the acting of veteran actors need a director? He showed a tremendous acting ability. ㅡ But unlike the rhythm of the direction, the actors felt the difference. It was rather than energy. The age is only a number … ㅡ Finally, the 38 -caliber aesthetics were good. As the action was small, the pistol that appeared every time. The pistol is tragic and secret. Even if it survives the destruction of the pistol, the gunfire will go down to the bottom of the unconscious and parasitic.

In addition, there was a lot of information about Irish Man. I tried to block external information and focused on what I saw, heard and felt with my senses. The minimum information was only wooden wiki.




* Video introduction

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Turn on the lowest price

There is a word cross check. It is to check the accuracy of the information by contrasting and reviewing various information in the desired field through various methods. It is similar to a kind of puzzle matching, and it is to check with various information to see if the puzzle is correct so that the puzzle is correct for the desired area. The same is true of how to buy the price of the ticket as low as possible. What are you talking about? To put it simply, to buy a ticket at the desired price, as mentioned earlier, you can mobilize various methods to check the contrast and buy the ticket you want. It seems easy and difficult. If you do this process, it is quite hard than I thought. It’s like selling a kind of product, but it’s hard and difficult if you sell it without a principle. Rather than selling your hands, you can achieve a less systematic and desired purpose by setting the order and the order.

1. Find the price of the ticket through the price search comparison site.

If you have a travel line you want. At the time I want, I need to know how much the price of the air route I want is formed. In other words, it is necessary to know the market price to see if the price of the ticket I pay is appropriate or not. But what can you know? The same route, but the price varies depending on whether it is a stop or a direct flight, a store, airline, and various promotions. The average price of the ticket that can be seen in consideration of all of this is to use the price search comparison site first, not a travel agent.

▶ Ticket price search comparison site

For example, I chose two of the many flight price search comparison sites (you can choose. The ticket is different depending on the departure date, the departure season, the airline, the departure time, and the degree of diesel. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the price currently sold through these comparison sites.

For example, July 25, 2018, Search for a schedule of Madrid -Madrid schedule on July 25-31. As a result of searching and checking two places, it can be seen that the minimum price is usually the early 1 million won at the time I chose no matter which airline used. The airlines also know that Etihad/Fin Air/China International Airlines is a major airline (this price range).

2. Visit each airline’s official website.

Now I have confirmed the alternative market price of the ticket I want. If you can buy a ticket cheaper than that price, the ticket is definitely a decent price. If the price of the ticket I paid is more expensive, I can see how expensive it is. In other words, you will set the baseline and buy a ticket without purchasing a ticket vaguely, so you can pay a lot of time to find out the ticket.

Now that you have confirmed the alternative price, let’s check the price of the ticket by individual airlines. In fact, you can see the results of the price search site and make a ticket immediately. For those who are bothersome to search for additional search, you may stop in step 1. However, the reason for visiting each airline is as follows.

Each airline wants to reduce the fees generated through the price search site. Therefore, rather than through the price search site, I prefer to sell tickets on its own airline website. Therefore, they also benefit consumers directly when booking, which is more diverse than you think. The representative benefits are called promotions. Promotions are more likely to be applied when booking on the official website.

p.s. So if you search for “airline promotions” in the portal search box, you can check the promotions of many airlines through blogs, news articles, and cafes.

As a result of using the price search comparison site, let’s check the promotions of China International Airlines, a major airline. If you purchase directly on a Chinese international airline’s website, you can receive interest -free installment benefits (two to six months) and 5% discount on the pre -departure line. Of course, you should think about whether these benefits are the benefits you need.

And low -cost low -cost low -cost airlines are regularly or irregularly promoted a special promotion for early birds. In this case, the ticket is sold at a discounted price than any airline’s promotion. This is because the airline is a pretty good opportunity to secure seats in advance through these promotions and to be called by low -cost airlines. (Of course, there is no accusation of eating, but it’s not a promotional price that includes taxes and all costs separately from the air ticket.

▶ National Airlines airline

▶ Overseas national flag airlines (domestic service)

3. If you have a ticket on a long -distance line, let’s look at the ticket through the travel agency.

No. 1 and 2 are to sell their hands through direct airline -related (or official) website to find the lowest price. In addition to this, if your ticket is a ticket on a long distance route, like the Americas and Europe, it is also a way to travel directly through a travel agency. This method is called a telephone product, not a hand.

Call the main travel agency customer center to ask for the price of a long -distance route. Of course, the price may not be much different from the price we found through the price comparison search site. However, there are some benefits we can get through various places and telephone calls. Travel agencies have the opportunity to make a reservation a little cheaper than the price released on the Internet when the ticket has secured seats in advance. (This is a chance.) At this point, it’s a bit cheaper to be a long distance route. It’s a little cheaper on a short range, so it’s not significant because it may be less than multiple currency fees. And if you are planning to travel several times on a long distance line, you will be able to get acquainted with the ticket manager. And when you have a trip again, please ask you to introduce a good ticket separately. Then, the ticket manager may inform you of a good seat ticket, and give one two small gifts (coupons, multi -adaptors, USB, travel props, etc.) that are not special but additional. It also takes care of the promotions that we did not know or did not confirm the travel agency.

4. If you have checked the ticket price through hands and telephone products, check the additional promotions related to payment.

Now let’s find out the discounts. The best way to check the partnership is to use the price search comparison page registered in the open market. Although the ticket price has already been confirmed, the final payment price depends on which card company is using.

The price varies depending on which card you pay in the same conditions. You can get a discount from as little as 10,000 to 20,000 won to as many as tens of thousands of won. You can also use the overseas travel coupon provided by the market itself. I used this overseas coupon to make a reservation at the beginning of 200,000 won per person (including weekends) by traveling to Kyoto (Busan) in May 2017. If you use the card alliance or other coupons through the previous process, you can see if the final payment amount is a good price.

5. Use collective intelligence.

That’s what you can do by yourself. Visit multiple sites as much as possible, take advantage of price search, and check airline promotions. Through this process, the minimum price of the ticket of the route you want will be fully grasped, and there will be a ticket at which you like. In addition, the last inspection process of the ticket you choose can go through or pay immediately. The last inspection process is to use collective intelligence. What is that? This is to post on a relevant travel cafe. After posting the ticket information you want to pay (price/timing/departure date/travel period/diesel, etc.), you can write it in a related travel cafe and ask if it is a good price. If you have a cafe with information about relevant travel, there are many people who are interested in the travel route. In addition, most of them have information obtained through several routes before traveling. If you have a lot of kind people, you can tell you if the price of the ticket you will pay is appropriate or if there is a better way.

p.s. If the members of the relevant cafe are pretty good at the ticket, if you ask you where you saw it, you are very successful.

Up to 5 is the general order for individuals to recognize their tickets. From the 6th to 9th below, we summarized the factors that would be considered to be purchased by adding a gap in the above stage.

6. Let’s be interested in derivatives related to tickets.

There are more products related to tickets. A typical product is aviation+hotel product. This is called Airtel. In other words, hotels and tickets are sold together, which can be used cheaper than reserving airlines and hotels individually. In addition, the product containing the ticket is semi -package. This is similar to the existing package products, but it has much more personal schedules. If you have a five -day semi -package, the second day is with the guide and the 3rd is a personal free schedule. This semi -package does not need to recognize hotels and flights, and the travel agency 바카라 purchased the hotel’s rooms and flights in a common purchase type, and the guide accompanies the advantages of the guide and the product can be used cheaper than when the individual booked. You can enjoy both advantages.

7. Not right now, but how to kick: Earn airline mileage in everyday life.

If you’re preparing for a trip right now, you can’t use it, but if you’re looking for the next trip, it’s a good idea to keep your airline mileage. Bonus tickets are a chance to use a ticket at a ridiculous price. Each airline operates a mileage earning system. The more people who purchase their tickets frequently, the more conveniently they can earn mileage. Here is not just a ticket. If you use affiliated cards, hotels, and other services, you can earn the mileage of the airline.

(1) Card use

Most economic activities have credit cards. Using your own consumption pattern, you can earn a part of the monthly payment amount as the airline mileage you want. If you search for “airline mileage card” on the search site, there are various card companies’ products, so if you select them as the right card, you can earn airline mileage in proportion to the monthly amount.

(2) Use of affiliate sites

① The hotel affiliated with the airline mileage program allows you to earn the airline mileage in proportion to the hotel accommodation fee.

② There is a Max Point system that can earn the desired airline mileage as much as the amount paid by Agoda, a hotel price search site. ▶ Agoda’s Max Point System

③ You can also use an online travel company to make a mileage of affiliate airlines when booking a hotel. ▶’s mileage accumulation promotion

④ You can earn the mileage of the affiliate airline as much as the purchase amount after purchasing the necessary products in the open market. For example, after purchasing a product at the auction, you can earn Asiana Airlines mileage.

⑤ You can earn Asiana mileage by registering a trip to TripAdvisor (up to 1,500 miles of Asiana mileage)

In addition, you can earn mileage of related airlines through various partnerships such as car rental, travel insurance, currency exchange, pocket Wi -Fi, and book purchase.

8. A flight from time to time is a chance of approaching.

Many people know that the price of tickets vary depending on the time. The most known fact is that the more you buy a ticket, the cheaper it will be. It’s usually right. Early Bird Promotion, the most common promotion, also prove it. It is good for airlines that they can secure seats early. Some people who bought European tickets 11 months ago said that they bought Incheon-Prague tickets for 700,000 won (including taxes and all expenses).

But on the contrary, there is a story that we can easily hear. It is a dating ticket. Ding -processing tickets are inevitable tickets that express seats in the travel industry. The travel agency has secured seats in advance, but the sales rate is lower than expected and the ticket is thrown when the departure date approaches. These tickets are cheaper than any other ticket (of course, other benefits, mileage earning rates, or benefits from seat classes). If you look at these ding processing tickets, you may complain why other flights are so expensive. But there is a problem. Is this ticket available every time I travel? When a ticket to the air ticket (or a travel agency), if you have a ticket to throw, you will first get in touch with the acquaintances in charge of the ticket (or excellent customers) and most of the time we go on a trip (Korean) is generally similar. . So it’s hard to find a ticket.

In summary, the time to make a ticket very cheaply is to buy a ticket early, book just before departure, or one of them. However, how to use this time is a good approach. You can buy it late and make a book expensive because you don’t have a ticket you want. You may be able to make a reservation too early and have no tickets you want, or you may not be able to use the promotion. Therefore, don’t believe it, but it’s a good idea to pay a lot of interest in your ticket, and visit the airline homepage, travel agency homepage, and price information comparison site every time you have time.

9. Benchmark the departure/arrival time and airport that low -cost airlines choose.

There are many low -cost airlines in Europe. If you look closely at the airport and departure/arrival time they choose, you can see how to reduce the price of tickets. This is because low -cost airlines use the motto to minimize consumption of airlines and maximize profits.

(1) The price of the ticket depends on which airport it is to Out.

From 1 to 8, we usually summarize some things that consumers will worry about. One more story hidden here. If you think about how the price of the ticket is configured, you can find a way to get a ticket a little cheaper.

The ticket price is included, as well as the airport tax. Everyone knows that it contains fuel surcharge, so I know that the price of tickets can change slightly depending on the price. However, it does not consider much until the airport tax. The airport tax is different for each airport. So let’s first talk about airports in London, England. There are several airports in London. Among them, low -cost airlines in Europe use hydro airports, but they usually use other Gatwick or Ruton Airport. Why? The reason is simple. This is because hydro airport tax is more expensive than other airports. The airport tax is based on departure, so the price of the ticket may vary by tens of thousands of won depending on where you choose the airport to depart after your trip to the UK. In particular, if you are traveling to Europe, which is traveling to various countries, if you consider the airport tax of the airport to depart, it can be different from the same conditions for the same conditions. Therefore, before you decide on a ticket, get information in advance and finally determine your ticket.

▶ Results of searching for airport tax

p.s. The airport tax may not be added or applied depending on the stopover, transfer, diesel, and connection.

(2) The price of tickets vary depending on the departure/arrival time.

Let’s check the time/arrival time of low -cost airlines. In many cases, the city is often out of dawn, considering the specificity, but even when not, a lot of low -cost airlines sell the dawn arrival ticket. For example, let’s search for one -way tickets to Helsinki → Berlin in one of European low -cost airlines. Although there is a difference in departure date, two of the four prices are the cheapest 20 euros. However, the cheapest flight ticket to 20 euros is morning or late night. The second lowest price range is 30 euros, but it is also morning. If there are many starts of time, it is a cheap ticket for late night or early morning. Of course, there is something to consider here. The morning or late night, which is earlier than the afternoon, can be inconvenient to move to the city from the airport. Unexpected additional transportation costs, a taxi, or a limousine or pick -up service may be inconvenient. This should be considered. Instead of looking at the price of the ticket, the cost of entering the airport is also considered to be considered to be purchased.


It’s quite complicated to write. In fact, a ticket is not just a product. Various elements, such as each class, where they pay, each partnership, and every departure time. If there are 100 seats, the ticket is at least 50 prices. So every time, consumers are often surprised to have a cheaper ticket even if they buy a ticket cheaply.

There are two things to keep in mind while buying a ticket. With these two things in mind, you will be able to maintain peace of mind while preparing for your trip.

First, if you have already paid for the ticket, but if it is difficult to cancel the ticket you have purchased, or if the penalty is not large when canceled, do not search for tickets after the ticket payment. The same is true for currency exchange. (If you don’t plan to exchange money if you exchange money for travel, if you don’t plan to exchange additional money) If you have a cheaper ticket, it will be painful if you notice it ^^ ;;

Second, we can easily access the Internet, “I got it from the ticket OO!” So don’t have much expectation that everyone can easily get a ticket. There are much more people who have not purchased a ridiculous price special ticket than those who have purchased a super special ticket at a ridiculous price.

About alice

I went abroad for the first time in 2010. She has since been traveling abroad for the past eight years and has been learning a lot through travel. Based on her long -term travel experience, she felt the trend of her trip with her whole body and began to accumulate information about her travel. Currently, I have created a travel route that combines my interests, not the obvious travel route, and records a variety of promotions. (Domestic blog: Alice’s unique travel route, overseas blog: I am Hana)

Introducing the attack on Bangladesh Bank, which was caused by the North Korean hacker (photo: ELNUR / PIXTA) Netflix’s drama “Paper House” has gained popularity in a story on the theme of bank robbery by intellectual criminals. 。 But in reality, real modern intelligent criminals never go to the site with guns when attacking a bank. Hack from a remote location. Moreover, if it is done around the nation, the world’s settlement industry will be tremendous. Gotfleit Raybrandt’s new book “Liberal Payment” (co -authored with Natasha de Terran), a former CEO of Swift (International Banking Association), and is also called “National Bank of the National Bank”. Introducing the story of the North Korean hacker group, Lazarus Group, attacked Bangladesh Bank. ■ Ideal conditions for large -scale hackers, fake, fishing, credit card fraud, dating application fraud, cryptocurrency fraud … These are all drawn to criminals who aim for millionaires. It is relatively low -tech, it is necessary to be physically somewhere, relying on malicious insiders and social engineering, limited scale, high risk at the exit. It is easy to find. In other words, such a method has a limit. So what should I do when I really want to steal a lot of money? Go to the entrance of a real settlement. There are only a few people who can make such an attack. You need to meet some prerequisites. As is the case with any crime, there is no risk of being caught or there is no punishment even if it is caught. It is also important to be able to use a huge amount of cyber weapons freely, and that there is nothing to lose, including your own financial system. One candidate comes to mind. North Korea. The North Korean national hacker group, Lazars Group, had already been notorious in 2014 due to hacking Korean nuclear power plants and subsequent attacks on Sony Pictures. The hacker group leaked confidential emails, films before the release, and copies of scriptwriter as a pale retaliation for Sony’s release of the movie The Interview. It was an embarrassing situation for South Korea and Sony to worry 필리핀바카라 about, but for Lazarus and North Korea, it was not an event that was particularly injured.