“Study of investment starts ☆ The interest rate is 0.58!?”

In the case of the Lehman shock

I’m not sure, but …

It seems that the world is going to be a big deal,

From now on, I have to study money!

First of all, let’s learn while doing a little bit of FX 슬롯머신 in the streets?

As a husband

“It’s the worst! The same is the same as being wrapped around a dealer at a casino.

That’s why a securities company gets commissions from FX customers

I’m just doing it to make up for foreign exchange risks in my main business. “

I was rejected violently, and I haven’t done it after all.

The stock feels more complicated and naturally does nothing.

That’s not all,

Always, always,

I feel like she was told to her husband.

During childcare leave

Someday, I’ll get divorced. 。

I started thinking about it.

Don’t secure divorce funds …

Anyway, I have to say that I will not give my money in the future

Fifteen years ago, my parents did not use 1 million yen for a loan payment, which was added to the purchase of a house in the name of a couple (I feel like I’m not old anymore, so let’s return it to my parents someday. I thought it was.)

I changed it to insurance products before the childcare leave was opened.

If I pay 1 million in a lump, if I die, my husband will have 2 million life insurance plan

If you cancel for several years, it will be paid.

A few years later, the money at the time of cancellation will increase.

By the way, 10 years later, if you cancel, it looks like about 1.060,000.

If this is the annual interest rate, you will have invested in what kind of thing …

If you calculate it yourself

The 10th power of X = 1.06 came out.

Huh …

What do you do?

10 Passone? Take Log?

To her husband

Mathematical calculation I forgot

Tell me


“… .. ..

Use the Excel IRR function.

0.58 %

This interest rate is not enough for several years.

The worst financial product.

When investing, do it after calculating IRR one by one. “

That said.

Financial products

Same as political voting

Good and bad differences depending on the personal position at that time,

I guess I don’t have the correct answer.

(This weekend is the Upper House election.)

FX was finally good for playing

Now, the divorce plan that was once a faint

I went somewhere,

Study from 1 and change it to a good financial product that I am now!

Let’s do our best

So, I will stop Ameblo for a while, but I will go to you little by little, so thank you for this whim.

I can’t find a page corresponding to the URL.

If you click the link and display this page, there will be a mistake in the link.

If you like, please report to the 온라인슬롯머신검증사이트 Excite from this form.

A city where money and music flows

There was no need to see a map to go to Lisboa Hotel. You just had to walk with the locals towards the distant hotel. There is a traffic light, but the locals are subtly crossed at any time. If you follow them, you can arrive across from the time it will turn on. The crosswalk of the strange Macau where the car passes on the blue light.

Grand Lis Boa looks really dignified. A goddess -like visual that bends the Macau Peninsula. I was disappointed by the concrete exterior and the size of the concrete that seemed to be closed after seeing the Macau Tower from the Kotai area. Inside the hotel, it catches the eye with a huge expensive golden exhibit. It wasn’t like a taste, but as soon as I heard that it felt like this if I poured a lot of red gold that the Chinese liked. The casino was in contrast to the strong appearance. The minimum bet was high, so it was not a lot to see, but the size was small and the atmosphere was not luxurious.

In front of Grand Lisboa, there is a casino lisboa. It is known as the oldest casino in Macau, and it seems that anyone can notice as soon as it enters. The atmosphere was so weird that 슬롯머신사이트 we could take a long -term deprivation if we were more joking. Of course, it’s not really a threat, but the feeling of the shade is powerful. There is no impression of the play area, the main marketing image of the casino these days. The place where it is a good place to go to life keeps passing. If you want to see the troupe of the vintage casino, you can experience it.

I was surprised and walked towards Win Hotel, which is not far away. After passing through a large parking lot and arriving in front of the Win Hotel, the atmosphere became more luxurious. Win Hotel’s wonderful swimming pool looks over the glass as you enter the lobby. I would like to stop sightseeing and jump over there. Next time, when I came to Macau, I decided to stay with Win. I visited and felt the next day in Cotai, but Win Casino seemed to be targeted to the rich more than other hotels. It is difficult to participate because the pool is not in the pool and the game is high, so it is difficult to participate. Not surprisingly, it was the most brilliant interior of the bathroom. The door is too heavy, so it’s hard to open it once. I felt like I was rich in the bathroom. The MGM I visited right next to it was not much different from the casino under the Sheraton. It’s not pretty, so don’t try it, and I got a sad truth in Daisai, and the next day’s casino tour quit here.

After walking a little, I bought a beak from the mart, and then returned to the hotel by taxi in front of MGM. After losing more money than I planned, it was a park and I didn’t see anything, but when I took a picture in the meantime, I would like to be very aware of my hand.

Return to the hotel, wash away sweat, and go back to the shopping mall under the hotel. When I planned in Korea, I checked several places to buy a gift, but there were a lot of children, so I found a toy shop first. Daughter gifts are in their fathers and buy a husband’s gift and go to Lulurala dinner. I missed the night view that I missed the night before playing in the hotel room. The angle I wanted was not good, but this is also a memory.

Hard Rock Cafe in City of Dream is the dinner place of today. I arrived at the beginning of the dinner, so I caught the front. It seemed like we enjoyed the most exciting one of the nearby tables. In addition to the old rock, the songs such as Bruno Mars and Cold Play were also sung in the middle. The atmosphere that all ages can enjoy. In particular, there is a reinforcement of tequila among the repertoire, which turns the table by singing Tequila, a famous Mexican song. I can’t drink it. It was even more exciting to have eight drinks. Even for tequila, our place was also a group of group guests,

In this trip, I had to choose four meals, except for snacks, but the hard rock café was the highest satisfaction. The food was all right, and the Portuguese beer, Superbok and Sampler Jumbo Combo, were very neat. The lip was also full size and it was enormous. I didn’t have to drink beer, so I couldn’t try it, but the cocktail was a bit expensive, but it would have been very delicious. (…) We seemed to have been a weekday band on Friday, but these friends were not the best members. When the smoking members met with the male vocals, they were an Indonesian friend. Friends who are struggling in other places, fighting!

Hello everyone

It’s getting a little cooler and you can feel the sign of autumn.

There were many inquiries this time …

CBR1000RR-R SC82 2020-2021

I will introduce the progress of this tuning development.

In addition, we are also looking for a development monitor that can evaluate the current tuning at the same time at the same time, so if you meet the conditions, please consider it.

-2010 updated on September 15, 222-

“Development monitor application form” was opened on this blog

-2010 updated on September 16,

The recruitment reception has ended because the application for the “Development Monitor” has reached the capacity.

Development of development

The first time I met SC82 was the release date at EICMA (Milan Show) in 2019.

When I saw it for the first time, I was really shocking, and when I saw the cut model of this engine, I was talking to a local acquaintance that it was a tremendous specification.

Since it was actually released, the phone was ringing on a daily basis in inquiries about SC82.

Especially from those who were running on the circuit …

The final change cannot be changed

I can’t get the highest speed with FSW

I want to fuel after replacing the muffler (full exhaust)

I received many consultations related to circuit driving.

Since this model is specific to the circuit, I feel that it is nod that more consultations related to circuit driving will increase.

However, Tuning of SC82, which supports the latest EURO5 standard, has been extremely difficult, and he may have called for about two years for a while.

Since the date has flowed, and the development has finally been made, we have purchased vehicles and some customers have been waiting for a very long time, so we are developing at a rapid pace.

◆ Our demo vehicle HONDA CBR1000RR-R 2021 Domestic specification

It has already entered the final stage of development, leaving only the production of fuel maps and data tailored to several mufflers and aging and evaluating various maps.

To be honest, honestly, the SC82 has a power that can not be handled without tuning, and there is no full power as seen in the previous SC59. I believe that there is no more power -up unless you change the muffler.

Still, it is easy to ride, and it is a motorcycle that is really fine, so it does not recommend tuning to all customers at this stage.

In domestic specifications, it has been released with full specifications [218 [PS] specification], and has been increasingly restricted due to recent strengthening of exhaust gas regulations, and the degree of freedom of tuning is decreasing, so it is easy to ride and power, etc. It seems that a big change cannot be expected.

Therefore, it is better to think that it is recommended for those who want to solve any specific problems caused by ECU (such as speed limiter and final change in circuit driving, fuel after replacing the muffler). It may be good.

However, in fact, there may be improvements that we do not know, so it is aged so that we can provide good services through development monitors and our vehicles described below, considering all possibilities. I want to proceed

Tuning item (under development)

At present, the SC82 has developed tuning items with the following contents, but it may be difficult to realize or change specific tuning items for the schedule.

In addition, this service is expected to be available for both carry -in and mailing and mailing.

[Basic menu]

Electronic throttle opening map adjustment (optimization)

Fuel cut adjustment when accelerator off (fuel cut cylinder control control)

Radiator cooling fan temperature change

Speed ​​limiter release

[Optional menu ①]

Fuel map adjustment

Afterfire adjustment

◆ AKRAPOVIC Full Egi Zhost Muffler and genuine egi -zast pipe are planned to make “fuel map adjustment (MotoJP original map application)”.

[Optional menu ②]

Sprocket (primary / secondary deceleration ratio) change number

Transmission gear ratio

Tire size (per lap per lin angle) Change * Tire data required

[Optional menu ③] ◆ For closed courses

Various Fi error code disabled * Please consult us

Exhaust device adjustment

◆ The above menu cannot be constructed for a valid license plate or vehicle that has received a car verification.

◆ Lebumitter change is extremely high risk of engine damage, so there is no plan to implement even a circuit -only vehicle.

Development monitor recruitment

We are looking for development monitors that can evaluate tuning items that can be implemented at the moment. There are also advantageous benefits, so please check the application guidelines and consider them.

【Application Requirements】

〇 HONDA CBR1000RR-R (STD/SP) 2020-2021 It is a domestic specification

◆ 2022 models, models other than domestic specifications, and race -based vehicles are not eligible

〇The vehicle can be brought in (may come several times)

〇 All recall support that is currently occurring is completed

〇 It is used for circuit driving (sports driving, driving party, etc.)

◆ I would like you to evaluate the final change and the problem solving of the speed limiter.

〇 Please give you an impression after running (including photo provision)

〇 Less remodeling from the genuine state

◆ I would like you to evaluate this service correctly, so it is necessary to remove it, especially if a subcon (injection controller, pulse modulator, etc.) is attached.


〇 The basic fee will be discounted by about 30%. * The basic fee is 76,780 yen (tax included).

〇 Optional menu ①②③ will be served

◆ Optional menu ① is limited to intake and exhaust specifications with data at the time of reception.

◆ Optional menu ③ can be evaluated only for closed courses only

〇 Retuning will be held once free of charge (target period: within 3 months)

◆ Normally, renewing will be held for 11,000 yen (tax included) ( * excluding optional costs).

[Recruitment period]

〇 From Thursday, September 15, 2022 to Friday, September 30, 2022

◆ As soon as the capacity is reached, the reception will be completed.

Combined with the subcon (injection controller, pulse modulator, 온라인바카라 공식추천 etc.) not only hinders the evaluation of this service, but may cause problems, so if the subcon or injection controller is attached, remove it in advance. You need to have it.

[ECU tuning development monitor application form]

The recruitment reception has ended because the application for the “Development Monitor” has reached the capacity.

-2017 updated on September 17,

After tuning the “Sprocket Change (16-45)” from the customers who are participating in the “Development Monitor”, there is no error in 45 rear sprockets, and the quick shifter can be used without any problems. I received a report

In addition, as the number of sprockets was shaken short (emphasis on acceleration), the engine brake changed in the direction of strengthening, but the engine brake and Donzuki were also relaxed and it felt good. I would like to wait for a follow -up report for this

In addition, the future general release and development status will be updated at any time on MotoJP official Instagram, Twitter, and Ameblo. Please follow our account

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ECU Tuning, Performance Parts

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TEL: 045-392-3308 FAX: 045-392-3306

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Regular holiday: Tuesday / Wednesday

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