What has changed from the predecessor for “Galaxy Z Fold4”? Z Fold3 5g and specifications (ITmedia Mobile)

“GALAXY Z FOLD4” is a Fol Double smartphone announced by Samsung Electronics. It is a successor to “Galaxy Z Fold3 5G” released in 2021. The estimated selling price in the United States at the time of the announcement was from Galaxy Z Fold3 $ 5G1799.99 to $ 1799 ($ ​​134 for $ 134 to about 240,000 yen). I will tell you the differences between both models, including comparison tables. [Image] Galaxy Z Fold3 5g and Galaxy Z Fold4 specifications comparison table First, look at the main display used when operating in an open state. Both have a 7.6 -inch Dynamic amored 2x (organic EL), but the resolution is 2208 x 1768 pixels for Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, and Galaxy Z Fold4 is 2176 x 1812 pixels. The refresh rate is 120Hz (10-120Hz) for Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, while Galaxy Z Fold4 is compatible with 120Hz (1-120Hz). The maximum brightness has been uploaded from 900 Nito (Galaxy Z Fold3 5g) to 1000 Nito (Galaxy Z Fold4). It also supports S PEN sold separately. Both sub (cover) displays such as notifications can be confirmed even when closed, both are 6.2 type Dynamic Amored 2x, but the resolution is 832 x 2268 pixels for Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, and Galaxy Z Fold4 is 904 x 2316 pixels. There is. The variable range of the refresh rate has been changed from 10 to 120Hz to 1 to 120Hz. The out camera of Galaxy Z Fold4 has the same ultra -wide -angle camera, wide -angle camera, and distant camera triple configuration as Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, but Galaxy Z Fold4 wide -angle cameras are 50 million pixels, and the pixel pitch of the built -in sensor pixels. Expanded from 1.8 μm to 2.0 μm. The telephoto camera was about 12 million pixels (Galaxy Z Fold3 5g) to about 10 million pixels (GALAXY Z FOLD4), but up from the double light zoom (Galaxy Z Fold3 5g) to 3 times the light zoom (Galaxy Z Fold4). did. In both cases, the in -camera has a single configuration of about 10 million pixels (F2.2, 80 degrees view angle) on the cover display side, and about 4 million pixels (F1.8, 80 degrees view angle) on the main display side. The in -camera on the main display side is embedded in the display, so that it is usually invisible unless you look away. Galaxy Z Fold4 is also the first folding device equipped with Android 12L. The Android 12L is an optimized tablet or fortable, making it easier to use a large screen. Then check the processor. Galaxy Z Fold4 is equipped with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, the highest model of Qualcomm, for Galaxy Z Fold3 5G equipped with Snapdragon 888. The performance of the NPU (machine learning processor) integrated into a processor has increased by about 1.7 times. Both memory are 12GB, but the storage is 256GB / 512GB for Galaxy Z Fold3 5g, and 1TB (Samsung.com limited) is added to Galaxy Z Fold4. However, it is 코인카지노 unknown which storage models with storage in Japan will appear. There is no microSD slot that can expand storage. The battery capacity is 4400mAh and both are the same. We will continue to respond to wireless charging and wireless power supply. The external connection / charging terminal is USB 3.1 Type-C. There is no independent earphone / microphone jack. There are two speakers (stereo), which also supports surround playback by “Dolby Atmos”. Both the outer periphery and the hinge of the body are protected by “Armor Aluminum”. The hinge of Galaxy Z Fold4 itself has become more slim than Galaxy Z Fold3 5g. Galaxy Z Fold3 5G uses “GORILLA GLASS VICTUS” and Galaxy Z Fold4 uses “GORILLA GLASS VICTUS+”. It is resistant to bending and breaking, and the impact resistance when falling is enhanced. Has waterproof performance of IPX8 grade. The right side has a fingerprint sensor integrated with the power key key. The body size has changed slightly. At the time of deployment, Galaxy Z Fold3 5g is about 128.1 (width) x 158.2 (height) x 6.4 (thick) mm, Galaxy Z Fold4 is about 130.1 (width) x 155.1 (height) x 6.3 (thick) mm. It is. Although the width has increased by 2mm, it is slightly thinner. When folding, Galaxy Z Fold3 5g is about 67.1 (width) x 158.2 (height) x 14.4 to 16 (thickness) mm, Galaxy Z Fold4 is about 67.1 (width) x 155.1 (height) x 14.2 to 15.8 (thick) ) MM. It can be seen that the height and the thickness of the closed state are decreasing. The weight is about 271g (Galaxy Z Fold3 5g) to about 263g (Galaxy Z Fold4), slightly lighter than the predecessor. Galaxy Z Fold3 5g was a global (standard at the time of announcement) was Phantom Green, Phantom Black, and Phantom Silver, but Galaxy Z Fold4 was Graygreen, Phantom Black, and Beige.

Eco -Main (CEO Mun -sook Moon), a Jiangsu company specializing in hair cosmetics, recently completed a new plant for the Dubal product, and announced that it will be equipped with a consistent system for material development and product production → scalp management O2O system and product distribution. It is equipped with a shampoo blender and a packaging machine, and the heading ODM plant is the only facility in Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam.

Ecomine is a leading B-BEAUTY company based in Busan. The 16 -year scalp management know -how has differentiated core technologies, and distributes the scalp and hair solutions ‘HA’SOL’ and ‘Shocking Clinic Hair Sarong Professional Line’ at home and abroad.

Mr. Moon said, “As Busan’s job creation and future food industry, the Busan Cosmetics Industry is also being built, and the Busan cosmetics industry is also building an infrastructure for manufacturing-brand-distribution. The establishment of Ecomail’s ODM plant will allow you to supply the best product to Busan’s head -to -use product brands. ” In addition, Moon did not hide his aspirations that “Busan will grow into a mecca of differentiated two-footed products and a representative product of B-Beauty.”

▲ Representative Moon Sang -sook at the Ecomail booth at the Interem Korea Exhibition.

This allows you to nod your customers when you go back to the history of Ecomain. Representative Moon Sang -sook is a scalp management expert who has a national certification hairdresser license and has experienced the operation of Moon Aesthetics (skin care) and Hessol scalp clinics (scalp management) service for the past 30 years. In 2008, she founded Eco Mine and applied for 10 patents and seven cases, starting with patents for ‘다시 다시’ ’’ patents.

In 2010, she launched Hecolim Shampoo and Tonic, and later achieved results such as the selection of innovation management citation (SME Commissioner), New Technology Certification (Minister of Knowledge Economy), Green Technology Certification (Minister of Science, ICT) .

In 2017, she has been steadily developing herbal cosmetics, including developing ‘hair loss cosmetics using tomato -derived lycopene’ (Korea Science and Technology Planning and Evaluation Institute). Three years ago, the Hessol Scalp Clinics opened the Chinese Sincheon 1 and 2 in China and obtained the ISO 22716 certification to establish a specialized production process for research, certification, system, and products.

The hair care market is ① increasing the number of people due to the extension of life expectancy and aging due to the aging society ② Women’s entry into society increases dyeing population ③ Expansion to 3 trillion won in the market size due to an increase of 10-20% of hair loss population every year ④ Technical employment and technology employment and Experts report that growth prospects such as activation as a start -up item are bright.

Moreover, the appearance of various functional hair products is 사설홀덤사이트 predicted by the trouble of 1020 generations, the troubleshooting of the 1020 generation, the early 2030 hair loss, the 4050 deep hair loss, the scalp management, the 5060 sachi cover, the 2030 style dye, and the women’s hair and dyeing management.

In this case, real -time response ability is required for the company’s own tracking or sustainability, which is a factor that can be differentiated from other companies.

Mr. Moon said, “The more customer segmentation is required, the higher the quality and high -performance products that can not be imitated by other companies, which leads to the improvement of technology.” “System education+brand development+product ODM production links, such as providing linkage to ODM production, are the competitive advantage factors.”

▲ Representative Moon Sang -sook took office as the third chairman of the Busan Cosmetics Industry Association. (From the right side of the photo, CEO Moon -sook Moon, Cosmetics Critics Choi Ji -hyun, and Secretary General Kim Ji -young of Busan Cosmetics Industry Association)

Ecomails are supplying products to 13 chain stores and online Malls and B2B online malls nationwide. Hair salon professional products and sales training are also being implemented through a beauty salon distributor organization. Overseas, the company has established distribution networks in Macau, Russia, and Malaysia in addition to the ODM supply to Taobao and Doctors Calf (offline) in China, and Hong Kong’s scalp clinics chains.

The average growth rate of Eco Main’s (18 ~ 21) over the last four years is 75%, and is expected to enter sales of 10 billion won next year.

Meanwhile, Mr. Moon has been inaugurated as the chairman of the invitation and third Busan Cosmetics Industry Association. have. Recently, Eco Main has received a “leading company certificate” that will lead and lead Busan’s economic revitalization.

▲ Eco Main completed the ODM new plant specializing in hair products.