Limited to Champagne Ebisu Garden Place for the world’s largest Baccaras Shandelier

Ebisu Garden Place’s Christmas Annual Event, “Baccarat Eternal Lights -Functions” which displays the world’s largest chandelier. This year, the 20th year, the world’s first Baccarat Eternal Lights Champagne Bar With Taittinger, the world’s first baccarat champagne, will be opened with its sparkling chandeliers. Enjoying with the world’s largest Baccarat Sashan Delia, a luxurious time “Baccarat Eternal Lights -Fouest -style-” is a featured event in Ebisu’s winter tradition “Ebisu Garden Place Winterlimination”. The chandelier, produced by about 50 skilled craftsmen, consists of about 5m high, about 3m wide, 8472 pieces of crystal parts, and 250 lights. The delicate shine of the chandelier gathers, and the power of emitting is a masterpiece. We have attracted many people every year. The world’s first Baccarat Eternal Lights Champagne Bar with Taittinger will open in an open terrace format in an artistic sparkle space created by Baccarat Shaanderia. The Crystal Tile’s bar counter provides France’s leading Champagne Grand Maison “Tetanje”. The delicate and elegant champagne is perfect for a special day of Christmas. The glass used is of course Baccarat. Among the many glasses, this time we will provide champagne with Vega Champagne Flute, a modern design that represents Baccarat. The most common feature is the legal part of the diamond crystal reminiscent of a pearl necklace. The sparkle creates a finest cup of champagne, along with champagne, which shines with shiwashuwa and small bubbles. Experience the Baccarat Eternal Lights Champagne Bar With Taittinger, the world’s largest Baccarat Eternal Lights Champagne Bar with Taittinger, experiencing Baccarat Sandelia with “close range”. At the venue, it is a “close range” that cannot be experienced at the venue, focusing on the delicate decorations applied to the baccarat chandelier and glittering crystal parts. A cup of champagne while watching the chandelier full of light light and illuminations. The romantic situation will surely excite the Christmas mood. Produced by webstylestoryDirected by rorphotoFilmed by a.r.visualFeaturing aishawigginsホリデーギフトも発売また、全国バカラショップおよびバカラ公式オンラインショップでは、“永遠の輝き”をテーマとした、クリスマスギフトコレクションを発売している。 Etoile de Moncours “I like girls”, the jewelry collection featuring Heart and Star is a lineup of necklaces, earrings, and rings. In addition, we will also develop items that add color to the Christmas season, such as the table lamp “”, a collaboration between the creator and the lighting brand floss (FLOS), as well as the Christmas tree ornaments. Details ■ Baccarat world’s largest chandelier “BACCARAT ETERNAL LIGHTS-Changes of Joy” period: November 3, 2018 (Saturday / holiday)-January 14, 2019 (Monday / holiday) Lighting time: 11: 00- 24:00 location: Ebisu Garden Place Center Square Address: 4-20 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ■ Champagne “Baccarat Eternal Lights Champagne Bar with Taittinger” period: November 3, 2018 (Saturday, Saturday, 2018・ Holiday) -Dnacroscopes on December 25 (Tuesday): Weekdays 17: 00-21: 00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 13: 00-21: 00 Location: Center Square Fee: 1,500 yen (tax included) ■ Baccarat Holiday Gift < Item example> ・ “Bonjour Versailles” lamp L size 280,000 yen+tax, S size 120,000 yen+tax ・ “Christmas Ornament 2018” gold 25,000 yen+tax, clear 16,000 yen+tax, silver 25,000 yen+tax Clear 30,000 yen 카지노사이트 + tax, gold 43,000 yen + tax, red 43,000 yen + tax, “Etoile de Monon Court” Ring PVM 63,000 yen + tax, SV 56,000 yen + tax piercing PVM 105,000 yen + tax necklace PVM 109,000 yen + tax , SV 96,000 yen + tax * Free shipping until December 31 (Monday) only for online shops. Baccarat official website URL: [Contact] Address: 3-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo International Building 1FTEL: 03-5223-8868

Written by children left in the past,

Buck, Ice Vanilla Latte, Mild

02 宝 く 当 当 っ ら Current article

For the golden people I know

02 /11

-Takarakujini Ajik: If you win the lottery–

I won the lottery.

I bought it for 5,000 won and it was 50,000 won, so I laughed once on Saturday evening.

I woke up at dawn and laughed once

If I had won second or first place, I almost ran around the neighborhood.

I don’t know how fortunate it is to be fourth.

In terms of money, I woke up my husband who was sleeping at dawn because I saw only 45,000 won.

Is it going to share the joy of lotto 4th ?-.-

As an ant who is already running from -15%to 20

There is no pride.

Humans who are not mathematics are inevitable.

After all, I am a literary and molded man to the bones, so stocks are stocks, lottery or lotto

On Saturday, I don’t want to ride the joy of 45,000 won at 45,000 times.

If you look at this, this is this, is it a rational human being separated from your head and chest.

Although identity is confusing, it is a Donghak ant for tomorrow. Today, 45,000 won

Have joy!

Tomorrow will have the sun of tomorrow again

When I was in the 4th place in the lotto, I remembered the presentation class when I was in Japanese school in 2019.

“宝 く 当 当 っ っ ら ら” If you win the lottery, it was the subject of Iran

Mihara Yoshiko, if you win your lottery in class, ask what you want to do.

Chinese girls’ floating moss statues said they would go to the bank, and Japanese pronunciation in our class

Japanese ぎ ん ん う う う う う う う ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん

The Japanese teacher heard it as a ringer.

ぎ ん ん う () Long coast = ん ご (Ringo)

The other presenter, Madang, said he would go to Macau and gamble.

This time Macau was a problem.

After all, the pronunciation of the Chinese horse macau, which was one of the bad three people, was ん が (漫) manga

It became a cartoon.

Macau = ん が ()

At the time of the theme,

The class time is far beyond the interesting topic that “if you win the lottery.”

It ended with the pronunciation of the bank as a bank and Macau to Macau.

At that time, the shock of the pronunciation I felt at that time, ‘Nakyung Aunt’ blog ‘

What I posted and painted with illustrations is the cartoon picture above.

It is a non -language to speak a foreign language with the consonants and vowels of their native language.

It is to imitate, not perfect.

The pronunciation organ that produces pronunciation has already fulfilled its life to create a native language.

In Japanese school, where he was the youngest age, he was 20 years old.

I didn’t have a bad Japanese pronunciation just because I entered Fun Hana.

The difference between twenty and fifty is only a difference in memory.

My Japanese pronunciation is a fifty -year -old aunt who is a Korean who was a twenty -year -old or moss.

It was much cleaner.

Perhaps it is more advantageous to Japanese pronunciation than Chinese consonant vowels.

The Japanese pronunciation of Chinese children in the same class was much worse than you in Korean.

There was a Kyoto Kyoto dialect outside, but there were three Japanese in the classroom.

1. Chinese students’ Japanese

2. Korean students’ Japanese language

3. Japanese teacher’s Japanese

And the Japanese that I didn’t understand was not Japanese teachers, but Japanese students’ Japanese.

It is a lottery store in Japan.

Since Japan’s lottery does not take taxes, 22% less than 300 million like Korean lotto

If it exceeds 700 million, 33%will not take taxes, but will be the winners.

第 三 三 当 当 金 金 の の の 当 金 金 金 金 金 金 、 、 税 税 を を 課 い い い。

Article 13 The income tax shall not be taxed for the winning money of the winning certificate.

You can’t pay taxes in the dreams of the common people.

I feel good about the unearned income of the Fire of Oman

I thought about what happened.

In the university, my friend, Hee -jung, was right in front of me

Show me the report, and I was able to announce the test paper.

I think it was harassed by me by one difference between 873069 and 873070)

At that time, it is as good as the lotto to meet with friends so far.

Eun -young, who married first place in our department during the year of graduation, became the first of us among us.

Our proud national civil servant friend, a workshop who makes leather bags (go to the Gangjeok workshop)

Even if you put a sticker on your face, you can find out the bag.

I came back with different jobs and caregivers, and now I took a picture of a somewhat like my sisters in front of the mirror.

In 1991, when we graduated from college and took pictures, we fell on June 25, 2022, and even if our nose was broken, we went beyond the mountain and we stood on the photo line. Isn’t it a lotto?

It was also a lottery that met my husband, who had a good price than I had, and the children were better than me.

It’s lucky to have a job to go to work tomorrow, so there’s no reason not to be thankful today.

Maybe it’s 룰렛 a lotto that I came to know this again today

Still, you can pay taxes in the dreams of the common people, so please do it next time.

Please write more for writing.