“About Youtuber Hikaru saved criminals”

I thought about raising my opinion to YouTube, but what the influence of the uncle did the number of views.

I stopped because it was known.

In an incorrect deposit case in Abu -cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture, he is a suspect who tried to spend money on online casinos, but

Yesterday, the employer reported that the contract had been signed and signed a contract.

That night, I found out that the popular YouTuber Hikaru was an interview video, but I was accidentally transferred.

I thought I was able to reach out to a man who is calm with tens of millions of money.

At the same time, I felt disgusted by followers and followers who agree with the actions.

I was saying something like “I’m sorry to crush my life because I didn’t commit a murder or committing,” but in the past there are many people who have made it a life of a light crime, so one of them is bereaved. I felt what it was about lending money or giving a job.

I’m still young, and it’s good to put it on YouTube as well as Hikaru himself.

It seems to be understood, and the idea that being accused leads to money.

It seems that some of the videos that I gave in the past are exposed, but I already spend a lot of money.

I wonder if the story is broken after trying 카지노 with a celebrity, so I wonder if I had no choice but to use a criminal.

I thought.

Anyway, there are a lot of followers and followers, so I think it’s safe for a while, but in the world, I’m halfway old like me, I can’t work, so I can’t do business on my own. I want you to notice that there are some uncles who are not being dealt with even if they are open.

I’m just saying I’m just a losing uncle, but I want to say that I’m wrong with my partner.

thank you for your hard work

My home is

I have a daughter of mild adult intellectual disability

From a special support high school to the employment frame of a general company

It’s been 3 years since I worked

I couldn’t go in the first year in Corona, so

Actually, it’s the second year.

The other day, I wrote how to choose a job,

This time,

In it

To write only about the disability employment slots of general companies

I think 😌

Sweet factory 🤔


Girls are very popular and quite magnification

My daughter joined here

She went to a weekly practice on -site training

Interviews and parents also have interviews

There are no particular writing,

The training diary will be submitted firmly.

Write the characters neatly,

Time allocation and answer will be decisive

I will work at the same pace with the general public

Of course, there is also a change of clothes,

I think you heard or judged what you didn’t understand.

At a later date, the school was evaluated in five levels,

In order of good grades, according to hope

You will be chosen.

Two people will be put in the recruitment frame of one person

I was able to start a strong start 😌

Vegetable packing of large supermarkets


Coco was also popular with girls,

I didn’t think

Because there are many part -time aunts 😅

The workplace where the leader changes

None in me

If there are good leaders,

Some leaders are not

You will need a lot of response

It’s a large pharmacy item


Coco was popular with boys

However, there is nothing in me.

Anyway, if you can find a job in the large store,

I’m lost or wandering around

I thought I wouldn’t work well.

I decided that it would be nice to have a person as long as I could hear it right away.

Seal of large companies


It will be a job that keeps you sitting all the time.

I didn’t think about it because there was a distance from the house, but it was popular with the child in wheelchairs.

Factory parts cleaning


External work, indoor parts transportation and parts washing

It was popular with boys.

My daughter did not think about it because it is not suitable for foreign work, but it is a considerable work work.

Cleaning the elderly home


Bet making will be the main 😌

There was a room cleaning, but there was also toilet cleaning. I thought cleaning the toilet was the last

I didn’t think from high school

As you may have noticed, …

Everything will be a medium company to a large company

Because there are conditions that must be hired for persons with disabilities.

Choose a disabled person

I feel uncomfortable

The elite in the disabled is selected.

Certainly, children are in the work of the company

It’s important that it fits,

But how to choose the most important job is

Parents can do, can’t, distinguish them

Parents distinguish their children, weaknesses, and weaknesses

Parents tell their children what they want to do and what they don’t want to do

Parents find their children’s worth of life

See if the parent can continue for a long time

After all, it’s difficult if your parents don’t know your child seriously.

by the way,

Parents with disabilities have many disabilities

There are many brothers with disabilities and brothers of disability.

Teacher, there are people who leave it to me.

Unfortunately, it is postponed,

I realized that hope was difficult to pass.

Many children have already quit

After graduating from a 현금바둑이게임 special support high school

Looking for a job

It will be really hard 😌

By all means, at a special support high school

When choosing a place of employment

What you want to go there early, what you want to go there,

Please tell me firmly 😌

Good, I hope you can go to a job.

Thank you for reading 😌

I hope you can sympathize

How nice. It will encourage you to follow up!

“It seems that he was an adult! ]

Recently, the daytime is warm and happy!




The beer has come to feel delicious!

I often drink at my friend’s house,

So if 슬롯머신 you drink beer

No way, it may be delicious …

I finally grew up. ️

Then I buy various beers and look for my favorite beer (laughs)

Ah, I wondered if I would be an adult like this (laughs) Is it different (laughs)?

There are a lot of things that I feel like I’m an adult ~

When you can buy a lot of sweets,

When writing age

No. 1 has grown up when I deviated from my mother’s support ~ …


At that time, I felt lonely (laughs)

But for some reason I feel like my heart hasn’t been chasing (laughs)

It accumulates only for age ~

I guess I don’t want to be an adult! ! www

If it is no longer said to be noisy, it will probably go up. ️

I have extended the emergency declaration, but I’ll do my best!

Today is Hapiho off!

It’s a winter dream who is short of breath after watching

Kinn Porsche’s love is accelerating. ️

And this vegas ↑… It’s dangerous, it’s scary, hot, and cool

This time, in many ways, be careful about the back and audio volume …

Episode 7 is the continuation of episode 6.5.

Kinn is still in the hospital, but the rival mafia seems to be devastating Shima because of his absence. The Porsche infiltrated the casino and ordered the mission of exploring and catching the black curtain.

The action here is cool, and from the beginning to the world of Kimpoche

It was the winter dream recommended VEGAS who caught the escape.

And he tortures in a terrible way to someone who doesn’t speak who the mastermind is.

Well, what, what?

“I broke my mouth”

In the BG that turns away from the surplus, Pete looks at VEGAS alone.

Kinn gets angry at the involvement of the branch house. However, VEGAS asked to “lend Porsche” to prevent large drug trading.

“Why me?”

“He always wants me”

Kinn will be remembered as a losing dog if the branches are getting stronger and the branches are successful.

Kinn, who carries the head family, has always lived with this great pressure, but Vegas, the eldest son of the branch family, has to show results even if he does illegal or dirty work.

The delicate conflict between Kinn and Vegas was glimpsed here.

“Promise, always come back to me no matter what.”

“I promise”

“Hug me”

It’s Kyun, Kyun

Kinn dispatched not only Porsche but also Pete and ARM.

The branch of the branch family seemed to be a Chinese jumbled multi -tenant building, and I was surprised at the difference from the original family.

No, it’s too cool that VEGAS here is just walking, but it’s too cool to dream of winter. Moreover, the end of such a jumbled, was surprisingly large and luxurious.

Porsche was surprised at the difference in treatment with the BG of the head family.

Bospapa visited Kinn’s hospital.

He says that his son’s eyes have changed since he left the forest. Here you can see that Kinn had a former boyfriend. The name is Tawan. Don’t be a rusted knife, my father stabbed the key. What did you get along with Kinn and ex -boyfriend Tawan?

Kim suddenly visited Porchay’s house to explore Porsche.

I will give you a guitar to help you compose, but let Porchay go to buy lunch and secretly look into the room.

I didn’t want to be peeked and locked it, but it was easily unlocked

KIM’s photo is just a room, and Kim says to make a love song in PORCHAY who has returned.

Kim attacks PORCHAY, who has no experience of romance, but says that there are people who are worried.

“Make it for that person. I’m looking forward to listening.”


What is Kim trying to do, realizing he likes himself?

Porsche visited Kinn.

I’m proud of Kinn that the treatment of the branch house is good

“If you succeed in your mission, you can get a motorcycle as a reward.”

“Did you become a Vegas wife?”

“Is it because I’m jealous to hear such a thing?”

I’m told by porsche ~ That’s right, I’m jealous

Vegas comes here, and he says that he returns Porsche because it is a meeting. (● ˃ ロ ˂) ꠥ! , Triangle relationship -3 men, everyone has a strong picture. ️

VEGAS exposes Kinn that Kinn had a lover who had previously been dating.

“I was doing well, but gradually my brother began to suspect that it was a spy of other groups, and shot and killed him … no one believes since then.”

Is it true?

After saying, I was laughing with a very bad face …

No, it’s cool, but it’s cool. ← Either way, it’s cool!

Porsche seemed to be shocked a little.

Similarly, Kinn seems to be worried about Honma that VEGAS can take Porsche.

Here, Tay says, “I can’t help it, love is love.”

“You’re not love, you are you.”

“I don’t want to return to my old self”

“Leave your heart, you’ve been suppressed all the time.”

The TAY that solves love was beautiful

By the way, Porsche is finally going to the place of drug trading.

The night before that day, Porsche called Kinn to encourage Kinn. But it will be cut immediately.

In fact, KINN escaped from the hospital and came to Porsche to hand over my favorite gun.

“You may not be able to handle it well. Will you give it?”

“No, I’ll get it back when it’s over. Guns and you.”

If I was so impressed by the 인터넷바카라 scene, I suddenly got a bottom story!

“There are other guns”

“This is another gun”

“Do you want to return if you use this? Or can you use it many times?”

“If you know, you have to try 3 to 4 shots.”

“It was small … it became a magnum.”

Here, I’m staring at each other.

But I put up with deco -chu -kinn ~

On the day of the mission, VEGAS captured one and heard information and succeeded in contact with Don.

Later, Porsche defeated Don as Vegas’s strategy.

You can see Porsche becoming more and more mafia. Shoot your opponent more and more with your gun.

Because if you hesitate, you’ll be shot.

The mission is completed successfully.

VEGAS thoroughly investigates the interests.

Pete is reporting to Kinn, but the smartphone’s charging has disappeared, and the phone has expired … I have a feeling ~

Moreover, Porsche is drunk and I’m really in a good mood. Vegas moves here‼ ️

Surely spills Porsche champagne and take him to the bathroom. They take off wet clothes, but drunk porsche doesn’t resist.

So, when kissed, Porsche burns, but Kinn came in there. ️

Kinn, who pulls Vegas from Porsche and beats one shot, turns the gun.

Kinn is really angry. I’m going to shoot and kill VEGAS now. But that’s all, I was driven away.

When all the surroundings go outside, Kinn shouts at Porsche!

“What are you doing?

“I haven’t done anything!” Porsche pushes Kinn.

“I don’t trust me. Shoot, like an old lover.”

“You guys forgive everyone.”

Porsche unintentionally beat Kinn

“Let’s do shit like you, I should have loved it.”


Kinn catches Porsche trying to leave the place and hugs from behind.

This mirror scene is effective for Honma. Which is the true form, their back and front are expressed. Kinn was so jealous that Porsche was so terrible, but I apologized.

The breath of the partner who loves, smells, and feels the heat of the body.

For them, for a moment, they were waiting.

Please see the scene here as well.

The two of Mile APO tell us how they played while feeling this scene.

Thank you for the beautiful love scene ❤️


Hahahaha …

I thought I would be hyperventilated, but when I heard the two spoken, I saw it again and cried.

A lover who really loved Kinn who suddenly came out.

I’m afraid how Tawan will affect Porsche’s feelings in the future, as she has seen various spoilers.

In episode 8, you can see the love love date scene of the two, so let’s survive the week to look forward to it.

But VEGAS would like to kiss porsche and then go ahead … Delusion … ← Hey

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Re -raising blue goki, slot 3 to 4.



First of all, I raised the base damage.

Blue Goki for Trehan “Re” training: Slot 바둑이게임사이트 3 → 4.