“Ryoho Makaze, 9th work”

The first work of Sora -gumi performance was announced ~.

“Casino Royal -My name is Bond ~”

Original / Ian Fleming “007 / Casino Royal” (Sogen reasoning library)

Screenplay / Director / Shuichiro Koike

Directed by Koike, the original product.

007 has been changing actors in the movie for a long time in the movie, but it would be a suitsmene that Ryoho Makaze would play Jamesbond.

And it’s Motemote … The beautiful heroine that changes every series is Junhana. It would be gorgeous as a movie. I’m looking forward to making various roles and the role of Kumiko.

I think that 007 is a performance that will never be lost (it is easy to make or simple), but when you do it with Ikeko, I feel that it is a waste of Ikeko …

Sora -gumi is a popular work recently. And it will be the ninth work starring Yurika.

You may have thought about the same thing as 메가슬롯 you are worried about going out and retirement. There is not much retirement in one thing, so I guess 10 works will be done.

I’m looking forward to the sora group on the glue next year.

I lost 90,000

The expected value is 0

I made one Ena and made it 0!

Next door is 6 confirmed

The slot did the main

I have to make a setting (laughs)

And I lost my motivation

Eat a set meal

Pachinko is about to surpass

Is it the level of hitting tomorrow?

Start consecutive holidays

No good ( ̄ ー  ̄)

Various typhoons

If you eat rice and get in early, there will be no bed

There is no hotel space

Even if it is vacant, 10,000 is

I have no choice but to return to refugees ~

I have to stop the worst Love Ho

If you work overtime, you won’t sleep ( ̄ ー  ̄)

I feel that the rhythm has collapsed thanks to the typhoon

Well, you can hit it

By the way, eat 파워볼실시간 rice and end one day!

It’s really inconvenient to write a blog

Tomorrow is the early slot

If it is a lottery feces, I can go home

Thank you for your hard work for one day