“The charm and memories of Mr. Nijiho (Part 5) 21st Anniversary”

The stage pattern at the beginning of September 2019 of the Osaka Toyo Show Theater (belonging to Warabi Mini) and the 21st anniversary work, “Mr. Niji Ride is the first Oriental ride, the largest topics in the strip world. I want to talk under the title.

She appears in the Oriental Show at the beginning of September 2019 from the first day.

This week’s incense board is as follows. (1) Rainbow (Warabi Mini), (2) Ako Maeda (rock), (3) Kaede (rock), ④ Marin Asakura (lock), ⑤ Nozomi Mashiro (lock) [title omitted]. On the first day, Ayano Nakajo appeared in an extension from last week instead of Ako Maeda, who is ill. Ako Maeda and Marin Asakura’s two rock newcomers are the first in the East.

What a rainbow riding for the first time in Osaka Toyo. She was surprised to be honest when she heard her story that Nijiho would rode in the Oriental.

The dancers in the Orient are very limited. Basically, Oriental and rock are the main main. Other than that, famous places such as AV are limited. There are many dancers who are so popular that they can’t come out due to their own theaters. Meanwhile, a large veteran Nijo is in his 22nd year, and she can’t help but be surprised because she’s riding the Oriental big stage for the first time.

Nijiho originally belongs to Sapporo New Casino (Sapporo New Casino opened on August 21, 1971- [Sapporo DX Casino] → [Sapporo DX Casino] → Relocation / Renewal ). Sapporo New Casino was closed a long time ago, and Mr. Niji was almost free to the theater in a free situation. She is a popular person, so she is a hand pulled from each theater, and she is one of the most on stage among the dancers. Last year, he moved to Warabi Mini last year. Thanks to that, her work course was even more stable. Now that the theater is decreasing dramatically, it is the most important thing as a dancer to be stable in the theater.

Then, Rainbow will be on the Rock Hall. Shinjuku New Art in July 2019 is decided. Every strip customer was surprised at this. Rock and non -locks are strict 더존카지노 in the strip industry. It was unlikely that Nijiho, who was positioned as a non -rock system, would be on the Rock Hall. However, that was realized. Well, recent Warabi mini has been riding a rock lady, and the customer is getting better. Rocks closed self -employed theaters such as Hakata Rock and Sendai Rock, and DX Kabuki Theater, which had many appearances of Rock Miss, closed at the end of June this year, so a dedicated rock lady will be on board. I was in trouble because the theater was reduced. For that reason, she was very helpful to be put on Warabi Mini. As a barter, I decided to put Mr. Niji, who became a signboard girl of Warabi Mini, on the Rock Hall.

In addition, Warabi Mini is divided into non -locking buildings in the strip world, but in the memories of the strip, Hikaru, who was a precedent of Warabi Mini’s signboard girl, had a retirement in Kawasaki in May 2015. rice field. HIKARU is also on the Osaka Toyo in October 2014 before her retirement. That’s why Nijiho is the second feat of her second as a Warabi mini.

Despite the fact that there are various back circumstances, the fact that Mr. Niji, a large strip in the strip world, is on the Rock Hall and is further in Osaka Oriental. She can be said to have begun to make a large wind hole in the current strip world, breaking the rock and non -rock wall. This is a historic achievement.

Similarly, Makoto Sora, who belongs to rock, recently appeared on the Shibuya road drama Obon Kokyo in August. The Shibuya Takao had been with a rock lady a long time ago, but recently he had not been riding at all due to his management policy. The meaning of Makoto Sora has been great after a long absence in the Shibuya Takao, which was divided as a non -rock building. It may be the intention of Mr. Fujinami, who has become a new president. For a long time, I thought it would be quick to put a rock lady in order to revive the popularity of the sluggish Shibuya Takao.

The fact that both the Rock Hall and the Non -Rock Museum have decreased too much, so it is no longer affordable to secure the dancer course, which is now a Rock Hall and Non -Rock Hall. Under such circumstances, the recent movements of Mr. Nijiho and Makoto Sora are epoch -making. I think it’s a nice story for me, one of the strip fans. There is no room for theaters to fight for strips to survive. In front of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it seems that all theaters are now in a coordinating system for the strip industry, which is anxious.

By the way, the introduction has become longer.

This week’s performance of Nijiho was the 21st anniversary of the first and third stage, and the 2nd and fourth stage was the performance “Rainbogaga (Part 1)”. The former was celebrated the 21st anniversary at the Shibuya Takao in March this year. The latter is surely seen in the theater Ueno in June.

It is a success to bring these two works as the latest work in many repertoire. Both are the content that shines on the Oriental big stage, and the goodness of Mr. Nihoho’s dance has been demonstrated without regret.

Well, even so, the stage of Mr. Niji, who looks in the Orient, is exceptional. Dance on the wide stage and dancing endlessly. The narrow theater can have a reasonable homework, but I want to make dancers grow and dance in such a large theater. The stage of Mr. Nijiho was so gorgeous and wonderful that I fell in love. If you are a rainbow fan fan, this Oriental performance is a must -see.

This time, the report is divided into two and organized for each work.

First of all, the “21st anniversary work” (especially the performance has not been decided).

The main feature of Nijiho’s work is the splendor of the selection sense. She just listened to the music in this work and was taken off her hat saying, “It’s true.”

First, she appeared in a gorgeous white kimono. She is a white kimono with a sparkling floral pattern. Wrap the pink band. The novel place of this kimono is that the length of both sleeves is different. The left side is short, and the right side is a long pink sleeve. Attach a white flower decoration on your head like a hair band.

She dances barefoot, according to the music. Rhythmical and best music.

The first song is the song “CRIMINAL” by Yoshida Brothers+Monkey Majik. 2016.06.29 distribution. Lyrics: Maynard/Blaise, Composition: Kenichi Yoshida/Maynard/Blaise/Bank Inoue.

The Japanese shamisen is suitable for the Japanese. However, this time it is a collaboration.

Until now, “Change” (2007) and “Summer affair” (2014) have been released under the name of “Monkey Majik+Yoshida Brothers”, but the new collaboration song “CRIMINAL” is the first “Yoshida Brothers+Monkey Majik” name. It will be. The play of the intense shamisen unique to the Yoshida brothers, the Meinard, and the vocals of the two blaze are fused, leaving a more intense impact.

I first learned about MONKEY MAJIK. Moreover, they were surprised by my second hometown, Sendai’s band. As expected, it’s a music forest, Sendai.

MONKEY MAJIK is a Japanese four -member rock band. My label is BINYL Records in Avex Entertainment. The entertainment office belongs is Avex Management. The abbreviation is “Momaji” or “Mongja”.

His four -member bands in which the Canadian brothers are in charge of twin vocals and twin guitars, and two Japanese are responsible for the rhythm section. It was a band of foreign residents who were more multinational than the current members, but converged into a Japanese and Canada mixed band after migrating to the Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai metropolitan areas. It is sometimes referred to as a hybrid band. Even now, all of the major debuts, everyone lives in the Sendai metropolitan area.

It features a song that combines J-POP and Western music elements, where the Canadian brothers mix Japanese and native language English, and the specific gravity is a variety of Japanese lyrics to the full English lyrics. be. However, the rap in the song is almost English.

The lyrics have been used in the lyrics since the formation of the band, and Meinard states, “If you don’t sing in Japanese, there is no point in doing it in Japan.” Even now, Japanese lyrics are written by Japanese members.

In 2006 (Heisei 18), he joined the famous band with the hits of the theme song “Around the World” of the 9 drama “Saiyuki” of Fuji TV, and in 2007 (Heisei 1997) Yokohama Tire Eye Song “Sky”. “Hamaru” was ranked first in the USEN comprehensive charts and request charts, and it was the first time in the longest chart to be the first place in the chart. In addition, tie -ups on TV, commercials, movies, etc. are conspicuous. In addition, he worked on the 42nd single “as it is” in SMAP.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the 80th Anniversary Ambassador to the Nikkoku Kuni, the Tohoku Transportation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Tohoku Tourism Promotion Agency, “Tohoku Tourism Goodwill Ambassador”, Vegalta Sendai “Vegalta Sendai Nikkonai Nikkai Ambassador” “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has been commissioned for” Reconstruction and Display (Ambassador Kizuna) “. In 2009 (2009), he performed a live show in front of the Emperor and Empress during the Canada official visit.

The music changes and take off the kimono. Below is a light dress.

The upper body is beige and the lower body is a light rainbow -colored long skirt. Place a white collar and a white belt so that it is sandwiched between them. The head is the same as before.

Dance barefoot and dance according to the music.

The second song is “Planetarium” from Daishi Dance. It’s an instrumental song, a good song without rhythmic melodious. I’ve often found such musicians. The song selection eyes really shine.

DAISHI DANCE (Daishi Dance, 1976-) is a Japanese male musician, DJ, and rimixer.

Currently, he is working in DJing in Japan, but before his release of his own CD, he was active mainly in the local Sapporo City. He was active not only for DJs but also for music, and it used to be a melodic sorrowful house music, but since 2012, the EDM color has become stronger. He has a highbrid and cutting edge DJ style that makes full use of three turntables.

The music changes and changes clothes.

His upper body is naked, wrapped in a light pink muffler around his neck. His lower body is a pink waist roll.

He moves to the tray.

The third song is Shanel’s instrumental song “Happiness”. Lyrics: Che’nelle / Kanata Okajima, Composition: Fastlane / LiSA DESMOND. Satomi Ishihara, Nao Matsushita W, the theme song of the Fuji TV drama Thursday Theater “Deer Sister” starring.

I love Senel too.

Che’nelle Cherry Lim, March 10, 1983 -36 years old) is an Australian singer.

Born in Malaysia on March 10, 1983. Her father is Malaysian Chinese, her mother is a mixed race in India and the Netherlands. She grows up in Australia from the age of 10. He is now a R & B singer based in Los Angeles.

In 2005, he was discovered a demonstration that had been published in MySpace and signed a contract with Capitol Records. In 2006, he was selected as the undercard for the Australian tour in Kanye West.

In 2007, he made his debut with his single “Love With DJ”. Despite the fact that there was no good response outside Japan, he broke in Japan, and his 1st album won the first place in Japan in Japan. She released a 2nd album in Japan in 2010 in Japan, which includes “First Love” and “Feel Good”.

She is also active as a songwriter, and recently provides songs to Leona Lewis and others.

In response to the long hit of the English cover of Missing by Toshinobu Kubota, she released her first cover album Love Songs in Japan, and sold her cumulative 350,000 copies. The English cover of TEE’s “Baby I Love You”, which was included in the album, was ranked 1st in the weekly ranking of RecoCo Call, “Recochoku Western” and “RecoChok Western Raku / Uta” 2011. The first place in the weekly ranking on June 28 will be 1.6 million downloads.

“Bellyve” was selected as the theme song for the fourth film “BRAVE HEARTS Umizaru” in the movie “Umizaru” released on July 13, 2012, and RIAJ paid music distribution charts (from April 2009). For the first time in three months since “Prayer -Tears of Tears” (Mr.Children), he won the first place in the fourth consecutive week, the third song.

In 2013, he resumed music in the United States for the first time in six years. In the same year, he married a back dancer. He speaks English, Chinese and Malay. He sings Japanese songs, but he can’t speak much yet.

His bed song is “I’m happy tears.” It’s a really good song. She collaborated with Sound Group Spicy Chocolate, a popular female singer -songwriter Maco and Senel. It is a song with her affection for women to be strong and gratitude when they notice it. Lyrics: che’nelle, maco, Japanese translation: maki sekine, composition: DJ controller, U.M.D.E.Y…

I know Spicy Chocolate and Maco for the first time.

Spicy Chocolate is a sound group, a music production group. Members are leaders from Tokyo, Katsuyuki A.K.A.DJ Controler, U.M.E.D.Y, HIEDA, and Wolfjunk. The genre is a wide variety of genres, such as J-POP, reggae and hip-hop, but it is no exaggeration to say that no one in the reggae world in Japan is not known. He is in charge of not only commercial songs that everyone often hears, but also drama insert songs. Every song is very popular, and the unique musicality cultivated in many years has attracted various artists.

Maco (Mako, real name private, May 10, 1991 -28 years old) is a singer -songwriter from Hakodate, Hokkaido. Maco, who was familiar with Western music under the influence of his family, began music activities locally at the age of 17. And she wanted to send a song to many people, so she started posting to the video. Above all, she arranges Western music into original tune and Japanese lyrics, and has been talked about. The songs sung by maco are all popular, especially the arrangements of overseas artists attract many people. She is now singing her lover’s real feelings and sings the girl’s cute love.

Moreover, it is not only Japan that Maco is popular. She is attracting attention from popular overseas artists. She had a co -starring with the Grammy Award -winning singer Taylor Swift, and had interacted with Katie Perry found in Madonna. He has also taken photos with Justin Bieber, who became familiar with the 2017 mobile commercial, and Ariana Grande, who is also very popular in Japan.

In Japan, charismatic models, skilled producers, popular dancers are attracting attention from music groups. The attention is very high, and it is very popular not only in Japan but also from overseas. She is one of the diva who is looking forward to the future.

The lyrics of this song are spending their thoughts on our fans, celebrating her 21st anniversary.

♪ Invisible affection wraps gently

I am so

Because it is so strongly supported

Sing a feeling that you can’t tell in words

The tears flowing on my cheeks

I wanted to tell you

“Thank you”

When you find it supported or loved, you want to convey your feelings to someone. The more you love, the deeper your love. That’s why there is the word “thank you” spilling from the mouth, and “joyful tears” full of nature.

If there is a person who will support you at any time, if you love you, you can naturally get the strength. And you can confront difficulties.

Finally, two Senel songs, also known as “Love Song Princess”, are lined up and tighten the stage. It is a wonderful work.

This time, I focused on the selection of songs and summarized the reports.

September 2019 at the Osaka Toyo Show Theater

In today’s domestic reports, there was a report that “in China, used luxury watch Rolex is half price.”

In addition to various reasons, the luxury market recession has begun, and it has been reported that the inventory of used sellers is being sold.

Moya also says that the Chinese excitement of the Chinese buying a luxury store in Ginza has been in the past.

In fact, in the report of China recently, in addition to luxury brands around you, high -quality used cars have exploded market prices.

Many causes were the bank’s closing, and the funds turned worse and started cashing, but China’s problems are characteristic of China.

Many Chinese businesses have dub shops. When banks are enough to supply, they often invest in (buy) and become a boom. Previously, antiques have occurred frequently (for example, Zhu mud tea vase),

Once you look at the speculative money, the market price will rise and it will be a fierce boom that will come with everyone. Serious business is crushed.

Business is like a poison. However, if there is a market problem, the boom will collapse at a stretch, so it is often the case that it is too late when the throwing starts. The koyu phenomenon is called “one -place chicken hair”.

Here, I will tell you that the market collapse has another modest reason.

Money that buys luxury products in Ginza is not just speculative money!

It is “money laundering”.

Chinese wealthy and gambling shop explodes luxury goods in Japan, such as gold, which has taken black money from overseas casinos, illegal investment in Southeast Asia, and fraudulent harvesting in Japan. Since Koyu cash cannot be transferred in Japan, we will pass through customs.

In addition to the body, I have seen a case where I buy a hundred cars overseas at a stretch.

This is not a lively business of Chinese rich, but a way to convert illegal income overseas into domestic revenue.

However, this year, the bank was closed, the market collapsed, and the market fell in the recession due to the collapse of the real estate industry, and the cache was 슬롯나라 needed, so the stock of luxury cars fell in a hurry. Still, there aren’t many buyers, so it’s not that much anymore.

The reason why “money laundering” is not an antique is that antiques are quite specialized, especially high -level expensive products sell only fixed markets, and long -term investments have poor immediate cashing. , I can’t see it. In the case of the Chinese market, short -term investments, except for the above -mentioned luxury and high -end cars, are selling jade and other precious stones than Oita -old ceramics.

However, it is the story of the bubble era, and the one I bought now is crying from daytime to night, just like buying real estate.

The valuable valuables that are “Ichie Solon -Hide” are old ceramics! If you have a little money, it’s about what you buy now. Among them, old ceramics are the most popular.

Fujiko -do master

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There was a dentist reservation in the morning on Saturday ~

The arrival of the game was before noon!


Kindra is happy (^.^)


It is the usual rock hunting ♬

This time I was able to leave only Darkley …

No track record (T_T)

But, hey! ∑ (゚ д ゚)

I got a glance when I was sticky in front of the altar!

(≧ ∇ ≦)

But it was a single mon (laughs)

After that, I moved Jackie all the time!

Saturday ~ ♬

In Jackie, it was an infinite loop of Kingdom Wars in Jackie, synthesis → Training → Kingdom Wars → Fishing → Synthesis → Training → Kingdom Wars (laughs)

[Kingdom Wars]

There is not enough monka for synthesis, so if you do Kingdom Wars while turning the casino ~

I went bankrupt as I thought (laughs)

Still, I’m going to invest in the King Dams by investing an additional medal …

The history has increased soberly! (^.^)

In the Kingdom War, go around with yellow and green that can be brought in.

It felt like I was in blue when I felt like I could afford the equipment and Monka.

It’s a war while replenishing Monka ~

I tried Jackie because an orb was injected into RAVEN. (^.^)

This time I will do rock hunting normally without aiming …

I just skipped the clear Win message!

After that, several times NIDHOGG to replenish Monka!

Packle W is a new history! (^.^)

This time ↑ has no new history (^◇^;)

Snow woman, Bean Marine W is a new history! (^.^)

Replenishment of Monka for Kingdom Wars ♬

Furthermore, a special slot today!

But, hey! ∑ (゚ д ゚)

★ 4 is available only once …

One time was a loss called Bomso (laughs)

Peacock again

Sword swing as usual ♬

This time it was 3 rocks, so I gathered 36 bodies ♬

Then how! ∑ (゚ д ゚)

One shine ️ (≧ ∇ ≦)


How! ∑ (゚ д ゚)

I succeeded in acquiring Darkley W in Jackie! \ (^O^) /

Um …

I remember that the single mon was put out for two trades ~

Probably the 5th 코인카지노 double monster get!

After that, I returned to Kingdom War, gathered equipment and certificates and repeatedly synthesized. (^.^)

Thank you to the opponent!

m (_ _) m

The medal was a gamboli, but the number of cards was up to 320. It may be like that. (^.^)