“RPG time! ] Released on Switch and PS4 on August 18! Steam will be distributed on September 13. Adventure (Famitsu.com) to adventure in a hand -drawn world by elementary school students

Nintendo Direct mini soft maker lineup 2022.6.28 (Nintendo Direct), a new information program by Nintendo, distributed from 10:00 pm on June 28, 2022. [RPG time! ~ Legend of Light-] was announced on August 18, 2022 for Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch 바카라사이트 version will be released on October 13, 2022, the package version (regular version, limited production limited edition). It was also revealed that the 4th PlayStation 4 version will be released on the official Twitter. In addition, the Steam version will be distributed on September 13, 2022. “RPG time! Is an adventure game being distributed by Xbox Series X | S and others. I adventure while clicking on the world drawn in elementary school students. The world drawn with a pencil is erased with eraser, and handmade slot machines have appeared, and playful development spreads. * The screen is a capture of distribution.

Macau for 2 nights and 3 days, the hotel of a local restaurant that was better than the hotel casino

Usually, Hong Kong and Macau are tied together,

We didn’t have time, and Hong Kong was a place I’ve been to many times, so I didn’t have much inspiration.

In fact, Macau has already been to, but at that time, I went to Macau for a while in Hong Kong for a while, so I didn’t have much memory about Macau, so I went 해외토토사이트 to Macau with the expectation that I could go back to Macau’s night view, casino, and food. .

After all, in April, Macau’s night was gorgeous in the weather that was not cold or hot.

The casino didn’t have a lot of bullets, so they stopped at the extent that they only tasted, and we went to eat as much as possible.

Tim Ho Wan Dimsum I went to Hong Kong twice when I traveled alone.

That barbecue is so delicious. The meat is boiled in a sweet time. And whenever you eat it, it is right (shrimp seam) and steamed glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves.

*Side-I loved Tim Ho-wan so much that I was in Macau. The baby sitting in a baby chair continued to listen to her chair table, but as the table came back, he smashed my back. The parents who stayed so mischievous in a narrow restaurant were annoying. Eat well, and at the end of the day.

I was better at Macau’s flashing casinos, colorful and huge hotels and shopping centers. Taipa Village was a beautiful alley, and it had a small but cute taste.

The most expensive children we ate in Macau. It was African Chicken and Shrimp Curry. I went to the famous Portuguese restaurant and ate it, but it was delicious, but it was a pity when I thought about money. Still, the interior is so pretty here. In fact, I wanted to eat crab, but the crab was more expensive, so I came to Korea and bought something similar.

I didn’t expect this, but it was so delicious! I bake a meat like a baguette like a baggette, but I didn’t have much seasoning. But this is what. Baguette was crispy and so delicious, and it was really delicious.

If you go to Macau, you must try it.

This is really the best !!!!! We both could speak Chinese, so we looked for local restaurants that didn’t appear in the guidebook without much rejection.

In fact, it feels like a hotpot rather than a hot pot. There are a lot of seafood and the broth was cool.

The hot pot was delicious, but it was more delicious than the hot pot !!!!!!! This is really something. It was a taste that called the real beer that the red pepper and garlic were added together and fried, spicy taste, and corn broke out and the fragrance of red peppers spread. It was a side menu that was a bit boring and neat seafood hot pot.

The shrimp egg bibim noodles, which were eaten with the challenge, were something stiff. I mixed a lot of shrimp on the thin and stiff egg noodles.

Egg Tarts ate people in line in the alley that I accidentally found on the way to the hostel on the first day. It was so hot that the crispy feschuri was so hot that it was really hot.

And most of all, the night view of Macau was pretty. At night, I came out and walked, and I sat in front of it in a much quieter and more beautiful light than the day and talked about Doran Doran for a long time. It didn’t seem to talk about it. It was Macau, who just felt like the mood of the day, air, lighting, and the softness of egg tart in his mouth.

Retro game compatible machine OS “ANALOGUE OS” V1.1 Beta is released -The historical game “Space War!” Can be played (Game Spark)

Analogue has released the V1.1 beta version of the OS “Analogue OS” installed on the company’s retro mobile game compatible machine “Analogue Pocket”. [Image] The history of the game is also saved in this V1.1 beta version, and in addition to the library function, memory function (savestate), additional functions to the dock, etc., the third party developer program “OpenFPGA” is available. It is said that you can play “Space War!” “Space War!” Is a battle-type shooting game of the Space War motif developed by a student group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1962 for a mini-computer PDP-1. The version that can be played with “Analogue Pocket” is developed by third -party developer Spacemen3 using “OpenFPGA” based on the original source code that is a public domain. All “ANALOGUE POCKET” can be used as a development platform with “OpenFPGA”, but Analogue has produced “Analogue Developer Kits” in a limited quantity for power users, and some developers from next month. It will be available for free. In the library function (beta), you can read the information when you insert the carridge, and display the title, system, developer, publisher, sales area, and revision in the game library. In the near future, we plan to evolve into a database at a document -level and use search functions. The memory function (beta) offers 128 memory slots that can be used in Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Game Gear, and can save a save state. In the near future, screenshots for saving and sorting functions will be installed. In addition, the dock supports 2 players and 4 players, supporting many Bluetooth/2.4G controllers.対応コントローラー Bluetooth 8BitDo Arcade Stick8BitDo 슬롯머신사이트 Lite 8BitDo M30 8BitDo N30 8BitDo N30 Pro 8BitDo Pro 2 8BitDo Pro+ 8BitDo SN30 8BitDo SN30 Pro 8BitDo Zero 2 2.4G 8BitDo M30 8BitDo M30 mini 8BitDo N30 8BitDo PCE 8BitDo SN30 8BitDo SN30 Classic 最後に「Analogue OS」のFuture development schedules are also available. In progress OpenFPGA Function: August DAC Support: September Full button Mapping Function: September Library Function: September Memory: September Screenshot Function: September Pocket Camera Image Storage Function: September New Original Display Mode : October Tracking Tool: October

In early September Renthill

To Ginza Ukaitei

Visit at dinner

long time no see

This time

First counter seat

Doctor X

Appeared as a place for doctors’ stories

(Our seat is

In the middle of the counter

It seems to be the seat of Chairman Hiruma)


Is the glass Baccarat?

Mizu Dako and Amerrat tomatoes

Exit Calpaccio

Blue yuzu sauce

Charcoal -grilled beef tongue tongue

Soft and delicious

Cold Nyumen

Abalone rock salt steamed

Large abalone

Wrap in wakame

Hold it with rock salt from above


With the person in charge of teppanyaki

Customer service

I will explain various things

At that time, it was exciting

“That’s right ~”


I remember it over time …

The meat of this day

Mie Matsuzaka

“How to bake

Can you leave it to you? “


In the 에볼루션카지노 case of this meat sashi

How to bake a medium rare position

The material seems to be alive

(If you are asked how to bake

Maybe it was rare …)

A splendid shiitake mushroom!

Tokushima prefecture

Tenkeko (Tenkei)

General shiitake mushrooms

About 10 times the size

The umami is tripled

Garlic rice

I asked for a little

After the meal

Change the place

Dessert time 🍰

I’m full (laughs)

Shine Muscat


Ginza Ukaitei after a long absence



I had a wonderful time.

“Resistance to see the remaining snow gap”

The morning rain has risen. After all I go out on the weekend so I want a blue sky …

On Sunday, 15th, a high -grand daughter of high school came to play from the day before, and with Kamiisan and 3 people.

Drive to Yatsugatake. The remaining snow remains in the streaks, but it looks like from a distance.

The size looked small. Above all, the whiteness of the remaining snow shines in the blueness of the sky due to cloudy weather

I was 슬롯머신 sorry that I wasn’t there.

When I go to Shinshu, I always think of wild vegetable tempura and soba, but on this day in Saku City.

Sushiro. The road was quite empty because it was the next week of GW, but Sushiro

It was full. I was doing something like a tuna festival in the store and TV commercial, but tuna,

It was so delicious enough for me.

In the morning when NY was closed for $ 1,000 Dow, the Tokyo Stock Exchange will have a gap based on the plate.

That size tends to be extremely small. Market participants are also in a series of recent mullet size

I’m a little sick. After a little gap, the usual Dow futures,

Nikkei 225 It is a market price dragged by futures. I greedy on the 19th, and of course, selling …

Losing date. What are you doing? is not it.

If the retired person reads this, the illness, stock, and baccarat are over.

you know. Find each skill that suits you before you die.

Please have a fun weekend.

I had a little time from the beginning of July, so I decided to do what I hadn’t done before.


It feels messy!

And here is the finished product.

I bought two front grips.

With the SD card slot cover

I ordered at Ariex Press and arrived in about a week.

It’s convenient now, it’s especially easy to shop from overseas.

If you notice such a camera, this is the case …

The number of pixels is 16 million pixels, but it was perfect for size, dust -proof drip -proof, camera shake correction, and vari -agency!

I didn’t shoot videos and the GH series graduated.

It was good to be used to the 3rd button (WB/ISO, +/-), but only the WB and ISO buttons were actually used … ww

The reason why I didn’t buy [GH5] was obviously bigger.

It seems that you are purchasing.

[G8] in April 2018

[GH4] in July 2015

[GH3] in September 2014

Looking at the registration information …

Most photos of this blog are taken with this camera.

One is repair of [LUMIX G8], a house camera.

LUMIX G8 repairs the 파라오카지노 appearance

“Takarazuka Revue Crisis”

The article from now is not a bright content, so if you think you don’t like it, don’t hesitate to go through.

By the way, the title “Takarazuka Revue Crisis” is not the current Corona evil, the performance. This will solve the time within it. When I saw the crisis of the Takarazuka Revue, I saw the 007 casinolo wirial of the next Sora -gumi performance as a single performance by Shuichiro Koike. If this work is still a work by Naoko Koyanagi, I don’t think that’s the case, but again, Shuichiro Koike’s turn is the same as the bell rose in trouble two years ago. It’s a fool. Really, the Takarazuka Revue is a theater company that is not disciplined. I can only evaluate it as an idiot. There is also an inevitable aspect. Kumiko Ueda has been driven to leave the group, and Kumiko Ueda’s senior, Keiko Ueda, seems to be a little bit of a person, but she is almost in Japan and is almost close to leaving. Before the Bell Rose boom occurred, even when the Sanjin Shirai, Shirai Tezo, Shiro Takagi, and Shigenori Utsumi, who were called the three masters before the war, were in their later years, Shinji Ueda, Kiyosaku Kamogawa, Suganuma. The teachers of the eight successors, such as Jun, Hiromasa Oze, Hiroshi Ohara, Yuhiro Shibata, Sumio Sakai, and Keiji Okada. Even if I was there, I never did a fool, relying only on one person. But what is it now! 。 Shuichiro Koike’s work has a huge budget, 카지노 and all are all single -standing performances. If you do only this, even if you are not Kumiko Ueda, it will rot if you can not do it, and even talented people will leave the Takarazuka Revue more and more. Koichi Ogita and Akiko Kodama have left the group with Assari, and the regret is evidence that the Karazuka Revue has not done at all. In this situation, I would definitely come to see the same dissolution as SKD and OSK soon.

The table coordination at the reception hall has an important role in entertaining guests. If you have a ceiling height, a tall luxurious flower arrangement that shines in photos is perfect. There is no doubt that the whole venue will be gorgeous and dramatic. Realize special coordination for impressive receptions that will remain in the impression of guests! [Photo] Good sense! A collection of stylish flower coordinates at the reception [2022 version] Vol.1 Palace Hotel Tokyo (Palace Hotel Tokyo) coordinated with the theme of “adult resort wedding” with the glass -filled and transparent reception hall. The large spreading flowers like banana leaves are fun, making them feel original. Combined with the green and the cityscape in Marunouchi seen from the window, we make an elegant adult reception forecast. ■ Inquiries / Palace Hotel Tokyo TEL.03-5208-5071 Grand Hyatt Tokyo (Grand Hyatt Tokyo) The largest reception hall “Grand Ball Room” is the largest reception hall of “Grand Hyatt Tokyo”, which boasts a 6.6m ceiling height. Large LED screens and 2,400 custom LED pendant lights are enriched. Coordinated tall flowers according to such a dynamic venue. Pure white roses and cochochoran shine on the green, and the flowers that fall from the ceiling are also luxurious! ■ Inquiries / Grand Hyatt Tokyo TEL.03-4333-8880 (Wedding reservation) The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo (THE RITZ-CARLTON, TOKYO) You can overlook the seasonal scenery of Hinochimachi Park through a large window “Park view room”. On the long table, white flowers, such as highly lifted lift, and white flowers, blend into natural light, creating a soft atmosphere. It is an elegant coordination without hindering the conversation between guests. ■ Inquiries / The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo TEL.03-6434-8781 (Wedding Salon) The Prince Park Tower Tokyo (The PRINCE PARK TOWER TOKYO) is the largest 10m ceiling 10m ball room in Tokyo. 우리카지노 The luxurious chandelier made by Baccarat creates an elegant atmosphere. Such a solemn basket has a beautiful coordination using large trees, which is very dramatic. The venue gives the impression of a European forest. ■ Inquiries / The Prince Park Tower Tokyo TEL.0120-809-256 (Wedding Salon)