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I read Fair of Fair, Professor Michael Sandel, famous for what is justice. And this book has become one of the three books that have shaken my values ​​greatly.

From the preface, I have a question. I would also be because I was thinking that abilityism was right until I read this book. This book tells us who’s ahead and why it is allowed. The 에볼루션카지노 society is also inherited at any number. It is reminiscent of the drama Sky Castle.

The same is true for American universities. There are three ways to enter college. The first is to pierce the side door. It is illegal, such as bribing an individual, buying test questions, or creating a fake test score. The second is the back door admission. It is a legal, and the money they donate is used as a scholarship for improving educational conditions or scholarships for disadvantaged people. If so, did those who entered the main entrance come only with their own abilities and skills regardless of their parents’ money?

The actual SAT score and household income are proportional. Children from the Ivy League say that many students live in the top 1%of the households who live in the lowest 60 percent of the US income. The rich students fly to the front door with their wings. With confidence that my success was myself. And the children who failed in the entrance exam are regarded as their own fault, not anyone’s fault. This comes to excessive burden on young people.

The more we see ourselves as self -made people, the harder it becomes to learn gratitude and humility. The ability to cut off the side, the new class based on the ability and achievements, the hereditary, and the arrogance of the people who are dominated. Those who are eliminated here loses their pride as a human, not only the loss of wealth, and they are humiliated.

For example. There is a basketball player in the United States with a salary of 100 billion units. Is that thanks to his power and effort? Of course he would have worked tremendously. But Professor Michael Sandel says. I can try that much too. I can rather work harder than that (actually Michael Sandel is a huge ability to become a professor at Harvard University at the age of 27). But could he be famous with the same salary as the basketball player that he worked so hard? Probably not. The basketball player would have been talented, and he would have worked a lot of external factors like height. Discovering talents should be a situation and environment, and even if you find it, the money you are in education should be supported.

If so, if he found and showed his talent, would he be eligible to enjoy it all? In fact, he has the world’s world champion weightlifting player. But she said that he lived in the United States for 500,000 won a month because he was a non -mainstream sport. He succeeded in talent and effort, but another factor has changed the results. What if this basketball player was born in the Italian Renaissance era? He also had excellent talents and efforts, but it would have been all playing basketball in the front yard. Born in a particular family environment, state, society, and the times, luck was because of the luck.

The United States is a country of capacityism. It may be that anyone can increase his status by trying. But Professor Michael Sandel says. The progressive party that slogan ‘Do it’ is to turn social inequality to individuals. If you think about the words ‘do it’ differently, it is to say to those who do not do it.

People in the welfare state of Europe do not agree that success is determined only by me. On the other hand, Americans agree that success is only thanks to my efforts.

It is a story to be humble about what I have done. But of course, the ability is important. The evaluation according to the ability is a good principle. If you need to have surgery, you will find a competent doctor, and you will want the most competent engineer when building your legs. But not as in politics.

I kept thinking as I read a thick book filled with small letters. So how do you do it? Is there any other answer? What is the right way? Only in the second half is the answer. It cannot be the answer, but it suggests a solution.

How should the income for labor be given? Is the market demand and supply the only answer? If everyone and their children can get good education, if everyone can get sick when they are sick, if everyone can be respected by fellow citizens. At least after the basic things are met, income must be determined according to the supply and demand.

The problem is that it does not guarantee the basic thing to maintain the dignity of life, but is too relied on market logic. If the work of a casino and making money is more important than teaching children? Is it more important than treating Corona patients? Sandel’s ideal social compensation standards are contribution to the common line. If we leave the moral question of what is the social role that contributes to the common line, we can conclude that casinos are more important, with the value of work. We must be able to discuss what contributes to the common line as a democratic citizen. In order to revive the dignity of the damaged work, who can contribute more to the common line, who is less compensated for social contributions, and to revive the dignity of damaged work.

I thought it was too ideal throughout the book. But through this book, if you realize that one person is wrong, and even if it is slowly changing from the consciousness of treating others, will the world will be different?